Advantages of Using Leaf Plates


Geoff Lenox

Leaf plates are the plates made exclusively from pressed, organic fallen sal and siali leaves. These plates have been used to serve the food as well as for eating the food. Originally the leaf plates have burned on the road side but now a days they have to undergo burning process to make them more environment friendly. Such plates are Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable, Disposable, Hygienic and Heat resistant to serve the food. These leaf plates can be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, fast food centres and alike other catering applications where plates used as Use ‘n’ Throw.

These leaf plates possess lots of advantages and are discussed here. They are light weighted, usually the leaf plates tend to be very light in weight which makes them easy to hold while eating food items from them. Can be repeatedly use, means the same plate can be used to eat food items during the different time periods of the same day. One can eat in them and clean them agian use them and clean them, for several times one can repeat this process. Non toxic, the manufacturing process of leaf plates is natural and they don’t have to undergo any chemical process hence they are non toxic and are termed as natural dinnerwares.


They are safe, means the biodegradeable plates are made from variety of materials, and they are heated to very high temperatures which makes them sterilize and safe to use. Recyclable, is the main advantage of leaf plates as one they have been used and thrown into garbages, these waste material underwent a process and they can be recycled and again made ready for use. This thing will not reduces the natural resources of a country. They look elegant, Palm leaf plates are elegant and they feel nice in your hands. Food won’t soak through the leaves. The plates are biodegradable and are made from palm leaf sheaths. No trees are harmed in the harvesting process since the sheaths are naturally shed. These sheaths are collected from the forest floor and then processed to make plates and platters.

Biodegradable plates and platters are the perfect alternative to traditional throw away plates that are so popular for summer parties and any other time of the year. Many are even made of compostable material. These environment friendly products have been widely used in homes, hotels, fast food centers, outdoor picnics etc. The main aspect of usage of such products is that use them and throw. Being natural they are rocking in the catering sector by providing traditional appearence.

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