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Heating along with air conditioning or HVAC repairing is not a simple task. Numerous electrical and mechanical aspects are involved in it such as thermostats, pipes, fans, pumps and compressors. Most of these components are not likely to perform efficiently when they are put under extreme climatic conditions. So, the need for an experienced technician or an organization providing such services becomes very crucial at the time of an emergency. The repairing services of HVAC Orange County are thoroughly professional and can be relied upon.

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The compressor of an air conditioner is its main component. It is important for every user to understand how it works. This will provide you as a user the knowledge to make an early detection, in case your AC unit starts to function in a weird manner. In this context, it would be handy for you to know that squeezing the refrigerant is the primary function of the compressor; within an air conditioner. To put in a simple manner, the compressor somewhat regulates the incoming and outgoing gas along with the temperature at the same time. In case of a centralized AC, the compressor is carefully placed inside a box. So, if you find that your AC in spite of running continuously is failing to make an impact in terms of a comfortable room temperature, then most probably there is some problem in the air conditioner’s compressor.

So, it is always advisable to keep the compressor neat and clean. You should make every effort to clean the dust particles or grass clippings that may enter it especially after a storm or a strong gust of wind. This kind of precaution and understanding will eventually help to increase your machines longevity. And you may well prevent an unnecessary call to the servicing technician. However, it is always better to leave the more complex issues to a specialist. This is because only a professional can identify the right cause of the problem and take the appropriate measures for fixing it. If you try to do everything on your own, things will only get worse.

The professional repairing services of HVAC Orange County have served the local people well over the years. The commitment in service is the most important thing. For instance, if your heater stops performing during the winter, it becomes an absolute emergency to fix it with immediate effect. However, with Orange County HVAC services, there is absolutely no reason for you to get worried; it will meet your requirement on time.

High Temperature Inline Fans


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Tenderall Fan Co. now offers high temperature construction on its axial fans. There are a few steps of fan heat construction available: 200 F, 725 F, 800 F. High temperature inline fans are ideal for industrial oven and dryer exhaust systems where pressure requirements are minimal and compact light-weight designs are advantageous.

200 F High Temperature Duct Fans come with special heat bearings and a belt drive with increased safety factor.

650 F Tubeaxial Fan design involves special belt tunnel cooling system that induces a flow of cooler, ambient air through the belt well and inner tube, cooling the fan’s internal components. Depending on temperature requirements, modifications include high-temperature alloy fan wheel, special drive components, and modifications to provide internal ambient air cooling.

Fans with ambient air cooling systems handling hot airstreams must have sufficient airflow and be kept in operation until airstream temperatures cool below 120 F to prevent damage to the fan unit. The Tubeaxial fan ambient air cooling system is only effective while fan is operating.

800 F Vaneaxial Fans are designed to operate continuously at temperatures to 800 deg. F, and include an auxiliary cooling fan that forces air through the bearing compartment and exits out through the insulated belt opening taking away excessive heat from the shaft and bearings. A high temperature shaft seal is also standard on this design.

Fans handling hot airstreams must have sufficient airflow and be kept in operation until airstream temperatures cool below 120 F to prevent damage to the fan unit. The Tubeaxial fan ambient air cooling system is only effective while fan is operating.

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The Tenderall Fan complete high temperature fans line now include:

– Operating up to 2200 F, centrifugal, axial and plug fan types;

– Pre-engineered and custom made fans for all types of applications with vaiety of impeller types and accessories;

– Canada Blower engineers provide a professional advice and recommend a right fan for every application & oven / plenum design;

– The fan offering provides competitive replacement fans to Garden City, Lau, IGE, Alloy Fabricating fan models; repairs, re-build & balancing;

– Unique high temperature water-cooled motors for operation up to 2300 F;

in the two major types of high temperature fans – centrifugal and axial:

Centrifugal Wheels:

* Multiblade forward curve wheel. This type of wheel is usually specified where there is a necessity for large volumes of flow against low to medium static pressure requirements. The forward curve blade is that it delivers the same volume of air as either the backward or radial blade wheel, at a lower fan speed, which is important due to wheel stresses at elevated temperatures. This fan is the most common type used in all types of heat treatment operations except where a buildup of material on the blades could occur, as wheel unbalance would result.

* Radial Blade, paddle wheel type fans. This type of wheel is usually specified where there is a necessity for medium volumes of flow against medium to large static pressures. The paddle wheel is considered a self cleaning type of wheel. It could be used where there are various materials or dust in the air stream. Due to its structurally strong design, it is used in many heat treatment applications at very high temperatures where maximum fan longevity is desired.

Axial Blade Wheels:

* The axial blade wheel is usually specified where there is a need for very large volumes of flows against low static pressure. Axial wheel like the multi-blade forward curve type wheel could cause an axial fan to deliver different air volumes at the same static pressure, if the total pressure requirement of the fan system was underestimated. This type of fan is ideally suited where a large volume of flow is required with a minimum of duct work and is used extensively for small and large furnaces, such as aluminum annealing.

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Oleg Tchetchel

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Oleg Tchetchel

Canadian air-handling systems designerTenderall Fan Co.

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