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Reasons to buy Jet 708115K JWBS-14CS Bandsaw


James MarshellShopping for band saw isn’t an easy task as there are so many good options out there in 2016 from a range of manufacturers who have a long history of providing amazing woodworking products over the years. However, among them all, JET stands out for its consumer centric innovation that trickles down to all of the manufacturer’s products and great value for the buck you spend.

If you are in the market for a band saw then JET band saws can’t be ignored, especially the one and only JET JWBS-14CS which takes the crown in almost every department that matters. Why should you consider this particular JET band saw? Well, following is the gist of it:

Ergonomics and Operator Safety Conscious Design

Intended to be as easy to use as it is effective, this bandsaw comes complete with a four-inch dust port that takes into consideration direct association of a dust accumulation framework, which is critical to keeping your workspace clear so your work piece visibility isn’t weakened by flotsam and jetsam. Also, a solitary handle following modification streamlines the edge following procedure for safe operation.

Hard Metal Construction and Vibration Free Operation

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Gloating cast-iron casing development for quality and unbending nature, and in addition lessened vibration, the JWBS-14CS gives smooth operation to ideal control and steady results. Precision PC adjusted wheels additionally turn without vibration, guaranteeing precise saw blade following.

Operational Flexibility for Multitude of Materials and Occupations

The JWBS-14CS gives you a lot of space and the vital ability to go up against a scope of ventures. It offers a six-inch profundity resaw limit for cutting bigger bits of wood, 6 x 13-1/2-inch cutting limit, and a liberally measured, 15 x 15-inch counterbalance cast-iron table for more work zone before the saw blade. The table additionally tilts 45 degrees to one side and 10 degrees to one side to oblige a scope of materials and occupations.

Tough Metal Housing and Quick-Connect Plug for Durability and Ease of Use

The JWBS-14CS brags overwhelming gage metal lodging and a powder covering as opposed to paint which helps the saw hold up to regular use without chipping or chipping. Another supportive component is the brisk associate electrical fitting, so you don’t need to take after long lines to their outlets before every cutting edge change.

Capable 1 HP Motor for Quick Results

The JWBS-14CS owes its hearty execution to a 1 HP motor that moves the saw blade at an expedient 3,000 strokes for every moment for quick, productive results. Also, on account of the included 3/8-inch, 6.0 TPI carpentry saw blade, you can begin removing right of the container.

Friction and Heat Alleviating Blades for Longer Tool Life

Intended to face years of overwhelming utilize, the JWBS-14CS components a small scale movable lower saw blade guide for lessen friction for more blade life, and also graphite-impregnated polymer blade guides with roller bearing push guides for both speedier set-up and a cooler running blade. By lessening heat, these aides anticipate harm and wear and tear that can trade off the versatility of the machine. offers you to buy

Jet band saws


Powermatic saws


Wilton vises

on lowest online prices.

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Service Based Network Marketing Opportunities


Shellie Stuetzer

From tax services and identity protection, to contact lens delivery and roadside assistance, below you ll discovery many great service-based network marketing opportunities.

Before we cover each of these, let s take a look at what makes these types of opportunities so great to promote.

The Benefits Of Promoting Service-Based Network Marketing Opportunities

When you re looking for profitable network marketing opportunities, it s important to find something that provides a lot of value and fills a need that many people have.

The more you re able to meet those two criteria, the easier it will be for people to understand what you re offering and be willing to make a purchase.

With that in mind, here are 4 network marketing opportunities you can start promoting today…

Service-Based Network Marketing Opportunity #1 – Tax Bot

Imagine having the power of a certified CPA or accountant, sitting in your pocket, ready to help you monitor your deductions at a moment s notice.

Think others could see the benefit of something like that?

With Tax Bot (iPhone, Android, Web), users are able to track various receipts and trip mileage in hardly any time at all.

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Plus, users also have access to tax tip from a well-known small business tax trainer, Sandy Botkin.

To learn more about this particular network marketing opportunity, visit the description page at .

Service-Based Network Marketing Opportunity #2 – Roadside Auto Club

The Roadside Auto Club provides a service many of us have needed at one point or another: emergency roadside assistance.

They offer several levels of emergency service, as well as other discounts and benefits that fit a variety of budgets.

As mentioned on the description page, they offer…

– $50,000 travel insurance

– Hotel discounts

– Lockout service and reimbursement

– Auto rental discounts

– And more…

To learn more about this particular network marketing opportunity, visit the description page at .

Service-Based Network Marketing Opportunity #3 – IdentaShield

Unfortunately, identity theft is growing at breakneck speeds.

IdentaShield provides a variety of identity theft solutions that help protect consumers.

This includes…

Identity Monitoring – IdentaShield monitors over 1,000 public and private databases, as well as 650 billion data points.

Identity Theft Insurance – Protection against lost wages and other expenses often associated with recovering from identity theft.

Identity Restoration Services – Trained agents to support customers in restoring their identity.

To learn more about this particular network marketing opportunity, visit the description page at .

Service-Based Network Marketing Opportunity #4 – XOOM Energy

XOOM provides natural gas and electricity to customers living in deregulated areas across the United States.

(Deregulated areas are those that allow service subscribers to choose their supplier of the actual energy that their local utility company delivers…)

To learn more about this particular network marketing opportunity, visit the description page at .

Closing Thoughts On Finding More Service-Based Network Marketing Opportunities

Home based business and network marketing opportunities are everywhere, but if you want a wide selection of products and services you can be proud to promote, visit Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing today.

If you re looking for more service based network marketing opportunities, you ll find several more on our site.

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After 20 years in real estate, Shellie has turned her focus to working with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Inc, an online Marketing Company that helps people make residual income online. If you are interested in working with a dedicated team of caring individuals, visit

and contact Shellie Stuetzer.

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Overnight Methods Guarantee Affiliate Success


Mike Carraway

You’ve read about affiliates making thousands of dollars using so-called “secret” tactics.

You’ve heard the hype, you’ve seen the websites and products that claim to be the road to riches.

Is it really possible to make over $1,000 on the internet in a single day?

The short answer is – yes.

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This article will outline what it takes to successfully put up an affiliate campaign that will bring in over $1,000 in sales in a single day.

The first step is to get your ducks in a row. You must prepare your marketing material in advance. You cannot “do it on the fly” and expect huge returns. Everything must be planned and prepared.

Step 1: Film or create a promotional video.

The video can be created with a multitude of tools and creating an online video is a subject for another article. Once you have created your video, pick out about 8 video sites that you will submit it to when your other materials are ready.

When you post the video, you wan to make sure you also have a title and keywords that directly relate to the product you are promoting. Also – don’t forget about a link going to your landing page.

Step 2: Create and write 5 articles that are on the subject of the product you want to promote. The articles should be keyword rich and informative. They should be between 500 and 700 words. The key is to put a link to your promotional/landing page in your signature file or “resource box”.

Step 3: Create a couple of “free” hosted informational pages that link back to your landing page. These pages can have simple articles and exceprts from the other articles you have already written.

Step 4: Create a “landing page”. This is usually a review site that reviews the product you are promoting and has your affiliate link embedded in the page. All clickthrus go to the actual product sales page and carry your affiliate information to track sales.

Now you are ready for your “launch”.

Put up your landing page and then follow this step by step formula:

Submit the articles first. Sometimes these can take 3 or 4 days to get approved by article sites. You’ll just have to wait a few days until they start showing up.

Submit your videos and put up you free pages.

Now all you have to do is wait for sales.

Depending on the popularity of the kewords you have used, you should start seeing salkes within 24 hours. If the product you are promoting is a popular one, you may even see multiple sales very quickly.

Using this system helps you to quickly dominate the first page of Google and other search engines for at least a few days for the keywords you have selected. The best part is: there is no pay per click advertising involved.

Mike Carraway has been marketing and selling on the internet for the last 10 years. Learn more about overnight affiliate success secrets at:

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Overnight Methods Guarantee Affiliate Success