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The Frist Green City Baby Jewelry Contest Was Held In Zhengzhou

Submitted by: Frbiz Tian

May 29 in Zhengzhou, Kam Hung International Jewelry Shopping Center (hereinafter referred to as “Jin Wang”) ushered in the first anniversary celebration, a variety of colorful activities attract the attention of public concern, and is full of a Gem; the same time, by the Orient today reported that gold and silver jewelry in Henan Province Quality Supervision, Inspection Station co-host, Zhou Dasheng jewelry, Oriental King Yu, Kheng Leong and co jewelry, “Kam Hong jewelry Cup” the first green city jewelry baby contest finals are held here, a warm atmosphere.

Kam Hong jewelry market gaps filled, May 28, 2009, Kam Hong festive opening. Opening ceremony, former vice governor of Henan Province, Wang Mingyi said Kam Hong emergence of the international jewelry shopping, filling the lack of large-scale high-end jewelry market in our province the blank, on the integration of our province is important jewelry industry.

Wang Mingyi remarks with perhaps the incentive, now, Jin Wang Henan jewelry industry has become a

window, where the industry can get the latest jewelry industry products, information, information; Kam Hung has become a good jewelry trading platform, they the jewelry raw materials, processing, management, exhibition and auction part of the integration, the formation of the central effects of trade center jewelry industry; Jin Wang has truly become a treasure, with more than 60 jewelry brand, a collection of gold, platinum, jade and other 20- variety Format, is a real professional, high-end jewelry market.

On May 29, 2010 AM, Kam Hung International Jewelry Shopping first anniversary of the series of celebrations kicked off, many businesses actively involved in the brand, their activities can be described as colorful.

If the main store here, the East Jin-yu, Lai Cheong Jewellery, Golden Harvest gold, jewelry Dengjun Thatcher introduced the 288 yuan / gram of cheap gold, in which the East Jin Yu also introduced 10 thousand feet per day of gold jewelry and more by 280 yuan / gram of super-cheap sale. Opening day, is surrounded by several gold counter full of customers.

Meanwhile, all at Kam Hong jewelry customers spending 1,529 yuan, with shopping the day to participate in small-ticket raffle. In addition, in order to meet the first anniversary celebration, and many brands also launched a number of businesses 5 off special offers, where customers can enjoy the preferential admission activities. According to reports, the celebrations over a hundred million in sales revenue.


May 29 afternoon, “Kam Hong jewelry Cup” the first green city jewelry baby contest finals, when everyone’s expectations in unveiled. 25 Finalists by “walking down the catwalk jewelry” and “talent show” two aspects, presented the “jewelry with beauty,” the ingenious combination, and the use of songs, dance forms, his beautiful young, shiny side presented to us.

In the jewelry catwalks stage, the players wearing Zhou Taisheng, Eastern Jin Yu, Li Chang, were cases in San broad boutique brands such as jewelry jewelry, shiny, shiny. Favorite family ornaments such as Zhou Dasheng 18K White Gold Diamond Nvjie, inlaid with three heart-shaped melon, durable beautiful with age, this shows the love of the mother; happy moment of love for the white 18K gold diamond jewelry on the ring, layered structure, but also rotation, novel and unique, but also can be engraved with the date of rotating parts, wear on their body, with the happy moment of their own records, the sacred and romantic.

There are 18K white gold diamond friendship pendant, round design, full but agile, and a product of two styles may come and go, fashion generous. The Eastern Jin Yu Jade glass kind of package, Dragon Stone glass kind of necklace jewelry, worn on the players body, pure and bright, natural, Toshikazu without losing the elegant, active and dignified. Jade St. broad suite provided, full glass kind of Guanyin Tsui, Hang Mei Sik kinds of Buddha and other jewelry sets, fine texture, fine, elegant, elegant and generous. In the next stage of the talent show contestants through songs, dance, poetry recitation and other performances, the judges did her best to win praise and favor.

Competition came to an end, the results also will baked selection: Wei Jing, S. & T., Rodin received the highest points, runners-up, Zhao Fangfang, Hu Kun, Xu Zhujun, Li Zhi was the best performing sub-award, best temperament, Best vitality, Best Personality Award, while the remaining finalists are Memorial Award finalists. Zhou Dasheng jewelry marketing director Huzhong Lei, Jin Wang Yang Hui, general manager of the international jewelry shopping, Eastern Jin Hao Yu Henan operations center manager presented the prizes to the winners and certificates. As for the attention of 100,000 yuan jewelry prize, of course, none other than non-champions Jing Wei.

Wei Jing Jewelry Baby Champion

In the “Kam Hong jewelry Cup” competition in the baby’s first green city jewelry, Jing Wei won the champion title of the undoubtedly become the most high-profile people. Wei Jing was born in 1983, 13 years old, were recruited into the special forces. Later, after their own efforts, admitted to the Armed Police Institute of Politics. The current military cadres, Wei Jing direct a unit serving in Henan Province.

Arena, Wei Jing has with peers, not the same as the mature and calm. Baby contest in the finals of the jewelry process, both in jewelry catwalks stage, or in individual talent show stage, Wei Jing’s face was filled with a sweet smile, delivered to people is a sense of confidence and vitality.

Especially in the talent show stage, Wei Jing own through a dance of “Yi flower?”, Flexible skill, graceful, so that the audience and the judges are inspired. Wei Jing, said that she normally would particularly like art, when the army had won the highest award art “armed Arts Award”, after changing jobs to participate in Hebei TV’s “Passion 99,” also entered the quarterfinals. As for the thoughts on this competition, Wei Jing sighed: “Through this competition, feel the deep culture of Central Plains. Art is shared, and all walks of life need to learn from each other between and communication.”

Baby Jewelry Runner-Up S. & T

Baby Jewelry in this competition activities, won the runner-up in the S. & T. is a talented woman. Why? The scene in the game, other players, or singing or dancing, she is brought to you calligraphy show, refreshing. Brush of a few, “their prime” four cursive characters leap off the paper, skilled smooth, the audience suddenly burst into warm applause.

S. & T. was born in 1987, graduated from Zhengzhou Information Engineering Institute, currently a large business group to do secretarial work. Understand Converting Mechanism childhood like calligraphy and painting in particular, during the school has won calligraphy and painting category grand prize. After graduating in 2007, she deliberately coach in the Henan Branch of China Calligraphers Association, chairman of the national flag as a teacher, accepted the formal study of calligraphy.

“This is my first draft pick this game.” S. & T., said, competition is an elegant baby jewelry, fashion activities, and, jewelry and calligraphy is a symbol of traditional Chinese culture, there are many points of integration. It also became her enrollment jewelry baby contest power.

Baby Jewelry Third Rodin

Rodin, a tall, beautiful and generous girl, baby jewelry in Greentown Competition Finals, relying on jewelry and individual talent show?? Hand dance “Yu Zhi Song”, conquered the audience and the judges, won the enthusiastic applause, and gains a third of this competition.

No wonder she can get more good results. Rodin was born in 1987, the Nanjing Arts Institute in Professional Medial main attack, in Beijing after graduation to do a modeling agency model coach. Earlier this year, Luo Dangang to Zhengzhou, to coincide with the jewelry baby contest under way, so do not hesitate to report the names.

To participate in this themed jewelry jewelery baby contest, had knowledge of the jewelry is not a familiar Rodin, began catching jewelry knowledge and master skills in jewelry display. She said, mainly to his own temperament and image and fashion jewelry and achieve the perfect combination of content, so as to better display the individual character and charm of elegant luxury jewelry.

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The Importance Of Repairing Broken Air Vents

byAlma Abell

Is a broken air vent causing issues and costing you money in your home or business? The surprising truth is probably more than you realize. For most people, air vents more than likely never really cross their minds. In many cases an air vent is placed in an area that is easily over looked, like high up near the ceiling or perhaps even behind furniture. Esthetically this is can be a good thing, but sometimes it can also be a hindrance of basic home maintenance and repair.

Signs You May Need Air Vent Repair:

  • Specific rooms not heating/cooling

  • Suffering from allergies

  • Odd or displeasing smells

  • Higher heating/cooling bills

Flow into Better Air Quality

Over time air vents collect dust and other particles or debris that can create poor ventilation issues. This can cause a significant increase in how hard a heating and cooling system has to work, thus resulting in higher energy bills each month. As if that is not enough incentive to check your home for any needed air vent repair, it can also increase the amount of allergens circulating in your home. Smell something odd? Odd odors in your home, especially those contained in specific rooms could be signs of mold growth within your vent or its filter. This could potentially cause issues for not only allergy sufferers, but for those who have asthma as well.

Call a Professional and Breathe Easy

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, take the time to call a professional to check the air vents in your home. You can get the most out of your air ventilation systems by utilizing the services of companies like Duct Armor, who specializes in products and services that optimize the performance and quality of your ventilation systems and essentially the air you breathe.

Consider Metal Fabrications For A Quality Product


If you are a business owner, it is certain that you are searching for quality products. You need machines that function properly and you also need to make sure that the product that is being built is something that people are going to want to buy. Therefore, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best especially when it comes to Metal Fabrications. Take the time to visit the website today. This will help you to understand more about hiring someone to build a quality product.

Of course, it is necessary to have some form of plan about what the product should look like. After this is available, the welder can get started with bonding metal together so that it can be transformed into something amazing. It is surprising to learn of the many things that have been built due to Metal Fabrications. Basically, anything that is made out of metal has been fabricated in one way or another. If it has been bent into something which will form a product, it is considered to be fabricated.

Because this is something that is very common, it needs to be something that is built to last. You want something that is going to last a lifetime for customers. Clearly, they are going to take their business elsewhere if you were to supply them with a product that is not sturdy. It doesn’t matter whether it is bedroom furniture, a kitchen table, or even a shelf for a laundry room. Either way, this is something that needs to be carefully built by someone with experience.

Visit this website today and learn more about how to get started with placing an order. It won’t be long before someone who is extremely skilled in metal fabrication will get started with building this product. They understand the details of the situation and they are going to work hard to accommodate to the needs of their customer. It doesn’t matter whether only one product is needed or if a mass order has been considered. Either way, they have the tools and the help to get the job done right.

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Things To Look For In A Good Distribution And Warehouse Calgary

Things To Look For In A Good Distribution And Warehouse Calgary


Deny Richard

When it comes to selecting the distribution service Calgary, no kind of negligence is acceptable. If you pay any kind of negligence with this factor, you will become more prone to theft, fire, rust, and other brutal consequences. It is important that products of your company such as furniture, finished goods, and equipments should remain safe in every way. This is the reason why

distribution and warehouse Calgary

is in great demand these days as more and more people are opting for it.


The best part about warehousing Calgary is that it can be customized to suit all the storage needs of your products. Depending upon the number of products which need to be stored, you can choose your Calgary. Different businesses require different storage needs. As a result,

commercial storage Calgary

provides a medium for storing different quantities as well as types of goods as required by different businesses.

If you need to store food articles, then you should look that refrigeration is provided by the warehouse Calgary. Without the proper refrigeration, some of your products might rot away. Apart from refrigeration, it is also important to see that your storage Calgary is fire proof, pest proof, and water proof.

The storage of products should be done in such a way that there is efficient and effective utilization of available vertical and horizontal space of the warehouse. There are several ways through which you can find a good and reliable commercial storage Calgary. However, it is always easy to find them online as with just one click you can get hundreds of best storage Calgary in your area or nearby areas.

Always choose that company which is able to address all your storage needs and requirements. Depending upon the requirements as well as constraints of your company, such companies can even suggest customized solutions for you. Thus, they will help you in choosing Calgary of desired size and shape. When it comes to installation you need to ensure that you get experienced project managers who would help you to work from estimation to completion without any worries. You have to make sure that they have good experience that would help in the success of completion of your work and that too without taking much of your time. Once you are able to select the right distribution service Calgary, you would be able to get real time reporting, electronics installation and so on. In short, you would be able enjoy hassle-free installation.

Koreonsite provides efficient and reliable logistics and

distribution services in calgary.

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The Upgrade Direction About Energy Saving Products

Submitted by: Himfr Tian

Industrial upgrading in the product most directly reflects the direction of energy saving upgrades to the company’s most important industrial upgrading is reflected in product upgrades, process, function and value chain basically not involved.

The company headquarters, from the traditional industrial refrigeration and air conditioning to the development of new products in recent years, such as water source heat pump, ice cooling, vacuum freeze-drying; in the joint venture, Sanyo Compressor efficiency in pushing scroll compressor, Sanyo the cold chain has developed a new generation of supermarket display cabinets, display cabinets and cold drinks medical products, Sanyo vacuum refrigeration products company to complete the new boiler, gas heat pump development.

It can be seen in the field of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning industry leaders have done against the background of the company products to energy saving, ecology and environmental orientation to upgrade, is direct and effective.


Water source heat pump demand outlook depends on the Government to promote energy conservation efforts from the perspective of environmental protection, water source heat pump is a promising product; particular the use of sea water, water and other water source heat pump system. Company in 2009 to undertake the 3 sets of Star River two water source heat pump system is expected to deliver; Xiaoping Island 1.5 million square meter project is expected to start this year.

In addition to these two projects, other projects have not yet formally signed; expected Dalian government will launch across hundreds of thousands of square meters of water source heat pump project, large-scale promotion in the off-site water source heat pump difficult or very large. Investment income on the joint venture is an important source of company profits of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning industry around, walking on two legs to take the strategy of developing its leading products; joint venture other products.

Apart from a few of these products overlap, the essentially complementary. Use of technology joint venture parties, the company achieved better investment results. More than 20 joint venture from its investment income accounted for 80% of the company’s net profit last year, a substantial loss of Sanyo Air Conditioning 133 million, mainly subsidiaries of Shenyang Sanyo Air Conditioning (mainly doing domestic air conditioning) by a substantial decline in the export of international crisis; expected Sanyo air conditioning will substantially cut its losses this year, it is possible to achieve profitability.

Related financial assets is much room for appreciation of company-related financial assets, including Guotai Junan 3,009.89 million shares, large rubber 234 million, SST 230 million new too (after the share reform). One large rubber as available for sale financial assets (the cost of 2.3077 million yuan), Guotai Junan equity (cost of 30.0989 million yuan) and the new Pacific SST (all mentioned impairment) or long-term equity investment is expected the listing will become available after the resumption of trading for sale financial assets.

Plenty of room for the future revaluation of these assets. Earnings forecasts and valuation of Dalian Sanyo Home Appliances profit last year, still its impairment of extraction of 11.6944 million yuan; May bid was double-D Port Zone North Block, the company “12 5” during the development of large screw compressors, large water heat pump, the product performance laboratory and foundry in preparation for relocation. We expect 2010 to 2012 earnings per share 0.36,0.42 and 0.49 yuan, target price of 11.5 yuan, to “overweight” rating.

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