By David Faulkner

The popular Magnalite cookware has been with us for more than 70 years now. These indispensable cooking tools are known for their durability, distinctive design, and patented Cast Aluminum fabrication. Magnalite cookware’s durability stems from the magnesium-aluminum alloy casting process.

Its superior heat conduction is due to the casting process Magnalite cookware is known for. Its pans have varied thicknesses designed to optimize heat conductivity.

Magnalite Cookware’s pans boast extremely thick bases which not only speed up cooking but also distribute the heat evenly up the sides. The vapor-tight pot and pan lids, on the other hand, lock in moisture to keep the food flavorful. And because they are vapor-tight, cooking time is also shortened.

They also have a sleek retro design, with heavy cast lids and pouring spouts for spill-free pouring. All Magnalite cookware are shiny and handsome and would look fantastic in any kitchen. Aside from these features, Magnalite cookware is also oven safe for up to 350 degrees.

One of the strange facts about the history of Magnalite cookware is that one about the dispute regarding the use of the name “Magnalite.” The American Culinary Corporation claims that its President bought the Wagner and Magnalite brands plus the molds of the original Magnalite.

World Kitchen (formerly the Corningware group), on the other hand, has also been selling cookware using the Magnalite brand. This cookware look like the original Magnalite, but the cookware parts do not fit the original Magnalite cookware. These are readily available at Sam’s Club, WalMart stores, and Corningstores, while Magnalite cookware from the American Culinary Corp. can sometimes be hard to find.

The authentic Magnalite Cookware comes with a 50-year warranty and the prices range from $100 for an individual piece to over $300 for a set of 13 pieces. It is still considerably cheaper than All-Clad cookware, and is a wise investment in its own right. For more info see on Commercial Cookware.

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