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The spine is the backbone of a human anatomy. Any problems and defect in the spine can affect an individuals mobility and ability to perform various functions completely. Any abnormalities from injuries or by birth defects can cause back pain and minimized the range of motion in an individual. Individuals affected by spine problems at initial stage are treated with non-surgical treatment. Often medication is also given to alleviate pain. In case if any of these treatments are unable to provide relief to the patients then the surgeons recommend a spine injury. Spinal surgery is both invasive and non-invasive procedure which helps in correcting the lesion and defects in the backbone. Use of modern pre-operative imaging techniques has made it simple to identify any anatomical lesions to develop a successful treatment plan. Spinal surgery is performed by neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons. Spine surgery is one of the most complex surgeries so choosing the right surgeon is very important.

Following are some points that you should keep in mind while choosing the right surgeon for your spine surgery:-

1. Referrals or reputation: – A good referral and reputation are one the most reliable factor while choosing the best spine surgeon. As the reputation of the spine surgeon across a broad range is something to look for while choosing a spine surgeon and personal referrals are one of the most reliable sources. You should keep in m8ind both the referral and reputation of the spine surgeon while shortlisting them. You should be cautious of conflicting reports, and if in doubt make an appointment to meet the spine surgeon you are considering.

2. Researching over the internet: – While conducting your search over the internet you should go through the surgeons website, ratings, testimonials and reviews all this can be very helpful while choosing the right spine surgeon. You should also see from how many years the surgeon has been practicing and understand their area of expertise. You should be comfortable with the level of experience the surgeon has with the particular treatment option youre considering.

3. Board certified: – Make sure the spine surgeon you choose is certified by board and has fellowship training in spine surgeries. Having a fellowship-trained surgeon is very important in the case of fusion surgery, artificial disc replacement surgery or any another extensive procedure as these procedures is very complicated.

4. Up-to-date on newer technologies: – You should choose a spine surgeon who devotes at least 50% of their practice to the treat spinal conditions. A physician who sees mostly spine patients will be more up-to-date on newer technologies and techniques than a surgeon who only sees spine patients occasionally.

5. Comfort level: – In addition to the spine surgeons credentials, it is important that you choose a surgeon with whom you are comfortable with. Choosing the spine surgeon you can trust is almost as important as their experience. Good communication between the patient and the surgeon is very important.

6. Ask questions: – If you have any doubt related to your spine surgery you should ask your surgeon. Choose a surgeon who answers all of your questions, takes the time to answer all of your questions and explains the procedure in a way you understand. This shows that your surgeon is patient and empathetic.

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