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5 Methods In Making Money Online With Article Marketing

There are many people who view article marketing negatively as they find that it is too much work and there is not much money to be made from it. But the reality is that there is a huge amount of money to be made from article marketing and many have it and there are proven strategies and methods to monetize and profit from it. Let us look into these 5 proven and effective methods to make money with article marketing.

Here are the 5 steps to make real money with article marketing:

Method 1. Marketing Digital Products

There are millions of people who search the internet everyday to look for solutions to solve many problems and the solutions that they are looking for are on How-To solve the problem of concern. The solutions to these problems predominately are solved with information. These are information based solutions to the problem. You can promote such information based solutions (ie digital products) by recommending them in your article resource box. You can promote physical product too however it requires you to do a product review in order for you to convince your reader to buy it. On the plus side digital products tend to give you a higher commission cut compared to a physical product.

Method 2. Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest start for an aspiring article marketer would be Affiliate Marketing. The product are already available with your affiliate merchant and all you need to do is to write articles on the product and promote it in your resource box on your site. If you are publishing your article at any of the top articles directories, you must bear in mind that they do not allow you to do a direct link to your affiliate link. You would need a domain site and use it to redirect visitors to your affiliate link. You can also do a product review which would also be great for you as you can place your affiliate link on it.

Method 3. Building A Subscribers List

Writing articles is also very effective way to build your own subscribers list. You can include a free video or report on your opt-in page and with this you can collect the visitor’s information and build them into your subscribers list. On the back-end you can promote your affiliate products or your own products to them. Vary the content of your article and emails to your subscribers with a mix of product promotion and emails of value content.

Method 4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Articles are a great tool for branding and getting traffic so you will need to bear in mind to maximise its strengths. You can use your articles to gain backlinks and gain a better positioning on the SEO. You need to also visit other popular blogs and leave comments of value. It is a collaborative effort and you need to put in the effort required. You would need time for this method as it will not be yielding anything much initially. But if you continue with the effort regularly you would be able to see a real rise in visitor traffic to your site in around 6 to 8 months. You need to be a bit patient with this strategy for it to be realised at its fullest potential.

Method 5. Create You Own Product

You can use the articles that you have written and compile them into a mini-report. The articles have to be topic/niche centric and if you find that the amount of articles you have is large enough, you can compile it into an e-book. The portfolio of articles that you have written are exactly what you need to create a digital product. If for example that you have written 10 articles on weight loss, you can compile them into a mini-report in a PDF format and sell it as an entry-level product or give it as a free gift to build your subscribers list. It provides you with an endless flow of possibilities.

I hope that these 5 methods that I have shared with you would motivate you to start writing and to see how you can actually make real money online and make a name of yourself by being an expert in your topic/niche. I wish you the best. Cheers!

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”– Chris Grosser

I hope that you have found this article useful. Feel free to check out here for more. I would very much appreciate it if you could drop me your valuable inputs and comments please Thank you.

Top 10 Tools To Turbo Charge Your Business Productivity

If I asked my clients about their most valuable commodity, without a doubt they would tell me that it’s their time. Many are solopreneurs and are wearing the hats of CEO, CFO, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, and IT Director, just to name a few. When they discover a product or service that helps them reclaim time, they feel they’ve hit the mother load, as time is money to them.

I love to find new technology or new services that help automate my business or enhances my productivity and makes the daily chores easier and faster. How many more clients could you follow up with and add to your business if you freed up 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or as much as 2 hours a day? Here are my top 10 tools that I use to turbocharge my productivity:

1. AcqURL: AcqURL makes managing a moderate to massive amount of bookmarks very easy. You create any number of categories in which to file your favorites, and adding a favorite website is as easy as clicking a button.

2. AddressGrabber Business: Address Grabber Business helps small business owners capture names and addresses from sources like email signatures, web sites or documents into a chosen database (ACT, Excel, Outlook, etc.) in just one click.

3. Argali White and Yellow: Argali White and Yellow searches multiple telephone and email directories so you don’t have to. The found listings are combined, formatted in uniform way and displayed as if they came from one integrated metadirectory. You can also do a reverse search for a phone number and search for area codes. And, the program updates itself with any new listings every time you open it. Both a free version and a paid version are available for download.

4. Evernote: With EverNote you can easily store and quickly access typed and handwritten memos, webpage excerpts, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, documents and more! A free version or a 30-day trial of the paid version is available for download.

5. GotoMyPC: Need access to your files but don’t want to drag your laptop with you on vacation or on a business trip? A subscription to will enable you to log into your office computer and retrieve whatever you need, just as though you were sitting in front of it. A free 30-day trial is available for download.

6. MaxEmail: I bought a fax machine and it sat unopened on the floor of my office for over a month, and I eventually returned it. Why? Because MaxEmail, lets me send a receive faxes through the Internet/email and made my need for a fax machine obsolete. The faxes arrive in PDF format, so you can easily share you faxes with others as needed.

7. Practice Pay Solutions Merchant Account: If you’re not taking credit cards in your business, you’re missing out on sales. The coolest feature that they offer in this service is the ability to do batch uploads of charges, so if you have a number of clients on retainer that you invoice every month, you can simply create a spreadsheet and batch upload the data rather than entering each client’s information individually.

8. Roboform: This program is the top-rated password manager and web form filler that completely automates password entering and form filling. You’ll never have to remember a password again! I maintain both my passwords and user info and that of my clients in this program.

9. Tidy Start Menu: As time goes by, the list of the programs in the Start Menu becomes too long. As a result, each time you want to launch a program, it takes too much time to find it in the menu. The “Tidy Start Menu” program will help you to put the menu in order and make your work comfortable. Thus, after using the program, you will have a compact menu, which will contain nothing but categories’ names and you’ll have no trouble finding a necessary program. A freeware version and paid version are available for download.

10. XDrive: Xdrive is your personal hard drive on the Internet. Whether you are managing files for yourself or your business, Xdrive enables you to store, access, share, and backup your files anytime, anywhere. You can also send others a link to a file that’s too large to send through email.

Forex Trading Book Revealed

There is a significant amount of forex products on the FX market like forex trading systems or forex robots. Various have proven victorious while others have dissatisfied the customers. Anyway, Forex is a long duration competition and a constant marketplace and novel forex products will for all time come and go.

A fresh Forex creation has induced vast curiosity among traders in the most up to date weeks. There were lots of considerations on the area under discussion for this new scheme recently, and here’s why:


The product is called the FX Child’s Play. Child’s Play is not a trading robot (as you may possibly think). It is actually a full Forex Trading System. An effective feature of FX Child’s Play approach is the video lesson in the members area that concerns the absolute newborn traders in forex industry. This element is important as forex is not and will not at all be only for high-skilled professionals. Thanks to it, the beginners may slowly start to understand the forex method and initiate building wages. The authors statement is that a little adolescent may still understand the method and that Childs Play exceeds other low-performance and ambiguous systems that craft confusion in your mind.

This composition has its own currency management technique that is largely exposed in film presentations. Entry and exit signals with straightforward to track and predefined exit points are features of this product. All that you will, finally, have to perform is only sit and watch as the swing of earnings is running.

Access to effective preparation videos and to the members area is a substantial benefit of the method but is not the solitary one. A big advantage is that FX Childs Play allows trading many times a day. It uses 3 EMAs and has a personalized indicator. The scheme has been verified as highly precise, quite straightforward and has determined very important profit for traders.

This trading technique is truly matchless. This is a creation all together for daylight traders and for persons whose time is very constrained (9 to 5 workers) as FX Childs Play trades in all time ranges, from 5 min chart to weekly chart. For 9 to 5 people it has been revealed that consuming 5 minutes in the morning and an additional 5 in the late afternoon may well be a sufficient amount. Fx Childs Play System allows trading numerous times each day in restricted timeframes. So you hold total freedom in selecting when and for how much time you perform the trading.

The price for the FX Child’s Play Forex Trading System is maybe a basic element. As in quite a lot of situations high standard forex products as the above one cost 300$ or more, The FX Child’s Play current charge is $99. Members access to complete video training, the Child’s Play trading method itself, email support and other characteristics and advantages are available for this single-time payment. New or experienced forex traders will certainly get money by using this invention.

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