At least 200 New Orleans police officers quit force

Monday, September 5, 2005

At least 200 New Orleans law officers have left the force following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Some had notified their superiors, but others did not. A few officers simply threw their badges out the window and attempted to drive a squad car to northern Louisiana after the storm.

Some of the reasons given were because of lack of support from the local government in dealing with the crisis, others such as psychological problems with being in armed confrontation with people foraging for food and water in a desperate situation, where they were left alone but called looters and thugs by the authorities if they helped themselves, and losing their own families might have driven at least two officers to commit suicide.

Reports are that some officers resorted to using their own personal firearms because of the severe equipment shortage, even before the coastal region was devastated by the hurricane. The morale of the police force, which has dealt with the highest number of murders per capita in the United States, is not a new issue. This natural disaster may have exacerbated long-standing tensions in the force that were already present.

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HIV-positive man receives 35 years for spitting on Dallas police officer

Sunday, May 18, 2008

An HIV-positive man was sentenced to 35 years in prison Wednesday, one day after being convicted of harassment of a public servant for spitting into the eye and open mouth of a Dallas, Texas police officer in May 2006. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that no one has ever contracted HIV from saliva, and a gay-rights and AIDS advocacy group called the sentence excessive.

A Dallas County jury concluded that Willie Campbell’s act of spitting on policeman Dan Waller in 2006 constituted the use of his saliva as a deadly weapon. The incident occurred while Campbell, 42, was resisting arrest while being taken into custody for public intoxication.

“He turns and spits. He hits me in the eye and mouth. Then he told me he has AIDS. I immediately began looking for something to flush my eyes with,” said Waller to The Dallas Morning News.

Officer Waller responded after a bystander reported seeing an unconscious male lying outside a building. Dallas County prosecutors stated that Campbell attempted to fight paramedics and kicked the police officer who arrested him for public intoxication.

It’s been 25 years since the virus was identified, but there are still lots of fears.

Prosecutors said that Campbell yelled that he was innocent during the trial, and claimed a police officer was lying. Campbell’s lawyer Russell Heinrichs said that because he had a history of convictions including similarly attacking two other police officers, biting inmates, and other offenses, he was indicted under a habitual offender statute. The statute increased his minimum sentence to 25 years in prison. Because the jury ruled that Campbell’s saliva was used as a deadly weapon, he will not be eligible for parole until completing at least half his sentence.

If you look at the facts of this case, it was clear that the defendant intended to cause serious bodily injury.

The organization Lambda Legal (Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund), which advocates for individuals living with HIV, says that saliva should not be considered a deadly weapon. Bebe Anderson, the HIV projects director at Lambda Legal, spoke with The Dallas Morning News about the sentence. “It’s been 25 years since the virus was identified, but there are still lots of fears,” said Anderson.

The Dallas County prosecutor who handled the trial, Jenni Morse, said that the deadly weapon finding was justified. “No matter how minuscule, there is some risk. That means there is the possibility of causing serious bodily injury or death,” said Morse. Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins stated: “If you look at the facts of this case, it was clear that the defendant intended to cause serious bodily injury.”

Contact with saliva, tears, or sweat has never been shown to result in transmission of HIV.

A page at the CDC’s website, HIV and Its Transmission, states: “HIV has been found in saliva and tears in very low quantities from some AIDS patients.” The subsection “Saliva, Tears, and Sweat” concludes that: “Contact with saliva, tears, or sweat has never been shown to result in transmission of HIV.” On Friday the Dallas County Health Department released a statement explaining that HIV is most commonly spread through sexual contact, sharing needles, or transfusion from an infected blood product.

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Pros And Cons Of Personal Loan Debt Consolidation

By Sean A. Kelly

If you are grappling with piles of unpaid bills, paying off these debts with an unsecured debt consolidation loan could be an option that you may like to consider. You may qualify for such a loan but the problem with this type of loan is that unless you have very good credit, the interest rate charged for an unsecured personal loan may actually be more than what you are currently paying for your other bills. But if you manage to get a personal loan with an interest rate lower than the average interest rates being charged on your current debts, paying off these debts with an unsecured debt consolidation loan could improve your financial situation. It can indeed be worthwhile to try debt consolidation which would roll multiple lines of your debt into one new loan or debt consolidation program.

There are various debt consolidation options available to consumers and it might be a good idea for you to get in touch with different lenders to find out how personal loan debt consolidation may be useful for you. If you find that the interest rates offered are less than the average rate you are currently paying on your debts, then you may like to consider consolidating your debts with an unsecured personal loan. In order to start tackling large debt, debt consolidation with a debt resolution firm can be a great form of debt relief. You can very well go in for personal loan debt consolidation services which can help you consolidate your varying debt into one manageable payment and even establish a payment schedule for you and your creditors. But it may be a good idea to know if you need to just lower your rates, get better terms or if you need substantially lower debt payments to or even principal reduction to get you debt free in a more aggressive solution.

YouTube Preview Image

Going for an unsecured debt consolidation loan can be a good idea if you have good credit and are able to negotiate a low enough interest rate to suit your needs. But if you are unable to do so and own a home, a secured debt consolidation loan may be what you can go for. A secured debt consolidation loan is essentially a home equity loan which is used to pay off your other creditors. Secured consolidation loans help many consumers by consolidating all of their debts into a single monthly payment with a lower interest rate and payment amount. But what you must keep in mind while going in for this type of loan is that you would be converting what was previously unsecured debt into secured debt. This may lead to some hardships for you if for some reason you are unable to make your payments, or if life circumstances force you to file for bankruptcy, as you may not be able to discharge the secured debt as you would unsecured debt. However, if you are confident of your repayment capability and have considered this option carefully, a secured debt consolidation loan may very well work for you.

The most important thing to keep in mind when reviewing debt consolidation options is that no one debt consolidation service fits all consumers. It may be a good idea for you to know what your options are keeping in mind your financial goals before choosing a debt consolidation program or company. It is always advisable that you consult your loan officer or financial planner to decide which option would best suit your needs.

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NASA to beam Beatles song into deep space

Saturday, February 2, 2008

On February 4, NASA will digitally transmit the Beatles song Across the Universe in the direction of the star Polaris, commonly known as the North Star.

This will mark the first time music has been sent into deep space. The song will be transmitted from the DSS-63 radio antenna at the Madrid Deep Space Communication Complex in Robledo de Chavela, Spain at 12:00 am UTC.

The broadcast celebrates the 40th anniversary of the song’s recording, the 45th anniversary of NASA’s Deep Space Network, and the 50th anniversary of NASA itself.

Polaris is approximately 431 light years away from Earth, meaning it will take 431 years for the song to reach the star traveling at the speed of light.

NASA’s press release includes statements from Beatle Paul McCartney, who tells NASA to “send [his] love to the aliens”, and John Lennon‘s wife Yoko Ono, who sees the event as “the beginning of the new age in which we will communicate with billions of planets across the universe.”

The idea was hatched by Martin Lewis, a Los Angeles-based humorist and Beatles historian.

“It never had the highest profile and is a bit of a forgotten classic,” Lewis said of the song. “But it has universal appeal. It transcends ages, borders, language and other barriers.”

NASA invites astronomy fans and Beatles fans alike to play the song simultaneously as it is being transmitted into space.

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Students from Liceo María Luisa Bombal of Rancagua, Chile detained after taking control of school

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

San Fernando, Chile — Ten students from the Liceo María Luisa Bombal of Rancagua, O’Higgins Region were detained by the local police yesterday. Following their release, the students told the media they were required to remove their clothes at the police station.

The students, seven men and three women, took control of the building of the school early yesterday morning in response to the long delay in re-construction of the liceo, following the earthquake of 2010. At around 08:00 local time (1200 UTC), Leonardo Fuentes, general secretary of the Municipal Educational Corporation of Rancagua, authorized the police to clear out the students.

Student leader Jennifer Olivares told Diario VI Región the police “stripped off [their] clothes” ((es))Spanish language: ?Al llegar a la comisaría nos desnudaron. upon their arrival at the police station, Comisaría de Rancagua, something which Lieutenant Colonel of Carabineros Iván Guajardo did not deny. However, police stated the students will be charged by the public prosecutor with robbing food from the school. “It’s a bit illogical that they stripped off our clothes, with the knowledge that there were minors and without [us] being delinquents, but students who took the school peacefully” ((es))Spanish language: ?Es un poco ilógico que nos desnuden habiendo menores de edad y no siendo delincuentes, sino estudiantes que estábamos en una toma que había sido pacífica, said Olivares. Ignacio Muñoz, former leader of the occupation of the Liceo María Luisa Bombal, told El Rancahuaso “the Mayor [Eduardo Soto] promised to begin the reconstruction works last summer, and it’s August already and they don’t even begin to take the debris outside” ((es))Spanish language: ?El alcalde se comprometió a comenzar los trabajos de reconstrucción durante el verano de este año, y ya estamos en agosto y aún no comienzan ni moviendo los escombros del interior. Education Regional Secretary (Seremi de Educación) Pedro Larraín said the government “does not share” ((es))Spanish language: ?No compartimos las tomas such actions, “because they harm education” ((es))Spanish language: ?porque perjudican a la educación.

The Region of Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins was one of the first in 2012 to resuscitate the previous year’s student protests, more specifically at the Liceo Industrial de San Fernando, which was taken control by the students in late July, and which as of yesterday was still taken. The students of the Liceo Industrial were particularly affected, after the president of the school’s centro de alumnos Guillermo Horta Farías was stabbed outside the educational establishment on July 31; his fellow schoolmates subsequently organized a march in his honour in Rancagua, on August 8. As of August 11, eight high schools have been taken control of by students, in response to the government’s failure to satisfy the secondary and university students’ requests.

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A Modular Home Kit: The Barn Raising Comes Home

By Wade Robins

Even though the Amish people of Pennsylvania can still raise a very solid barn in a single day, for most people the tough of building anything more complicated than a model airplane is a non-starter. But as unbelievable as it sounds, there are modular home kits on the market which will provide almost everything required for the DIYer to build an actual, and not-too-shabby at that, house!

The makers of modular home kits are not above saying that even inexperienced DIYers can turn their kits into functioning homes. Why? Because modular homes take most of the work out of homebuilding.

How Modular Homes Work

YouTube Preview Image

Modular homes are constructed of factory-produced modules; each module is connected to other modules at a home site until the final module is in place, a plumber and electrician connect the pipes and wiring to the local power and water sources, and the house is finished. Homes built from modular home kits are literally indistinguishable from traditionally constructed homes. Because they can be constructed in such a short period, modular home are often less expensive than traditional homes of the same square footage.

Modular home are most commonly ordered by consumers and finished by modular home builders, who will have dug and poured a permanent foundation on which to assemble the modules. But those homeowners with an independent streak can simply purchase the modular home kit and go it alone.

The Structural Insulated Panel

Anyone wishing to assemble a modular home kit needs to understand the concept of a structural insulated panel. Measuring 4′ x 8′, and weighting about one hundred and twenty-five pounds, the SIP sandwiches foam insulation between two layers of strand board, and these are the modular panels which can be fitted together with computer controlled precision by just tow or three people.

The SIP panels also contain connections and the cutouts for pipes and wiring, are warp and bend proof, and with their already installed insulation are the building blocks of a solid, energy-saving home. For more info see on Wholesale Modular Homes.

Modular home kits are available in hundreds of floor plans, and if you find one that you’d like to take on, you can pay extra for the privilege of being able to call on the manufacturer for help when necessary. If you have the land, and can round up a few friends to help, you can order your modular home kit, have you foundation dug, and finally experience the fun of an old-fashioned barn raising for yourself!!

About the Author: You can also find more info on Modular Homes and Alaska Modular Home. is a comprehensive resource to get information about Modular Homes.


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Miami of Ohio and Boston College advance to 2010 NCAA men’s ice hockey Frozen Four

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obviously it was an unbelievable feeling

Miami of Ohio beat the Michigan Wolverines 3–2 at the finals of the NCAA Midwest regional ice hockey tournament Sunday night at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Miami sophomore forward Alden Hirschfeld scored at 1:54 into the second overtime when his shot from the top of the left face off circle deflected into the goal off the skate of the Michigan goaltender Shawn Hunwick.

Pat Cannone led the scoring with two power play goals for Miami during regulation. It looked as though Michigan had won the game in the first overtime when Michigan’s forward Kevin Lynch appeared to score. Unfortunately for Michigan the referee blew the whistle calling a penalty just before the puck went in the net. The Miami goaltender Connor Knapp who made 53 saves in the game was named the most outstanding player of the midwest regional tournament.

This was the first multiple overtime game for the Miami of Ohio RedHawks in their 23 years. Miami will be going to the Frozen Four for the second straight year.

It was great to see all those hats on the ice

The Boston College Eagles advanced to the Frozen Four in a shoot out with the Yale Bulldogs. BC defeated Yale 9–7 last night at the finals of the NorthEast regionals in front of 6,054 fans at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

BC forward Cam Atkinson had a hat trick and an assist. Mark Arcobello of Yale also had a hat trick. In an attempt to find a way to stop the Eagles scoring Yale played three different goalies during the game. The sixteen total goals is a NCAA record for a regional tournament game. The previous record was thirteen.

This will be the 22nd time that Boston College has made it to the Frozen Four, it is the ninth for coach Jerry York and their third trip in the past four seasons. BC will face Miami of Ohio in the semifinals on April 8 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

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Shoppers World hosts arts event

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Shoppers World in Brampton, Ontario, Canada asks its visitors to “look up, look way up” this October.

The Highway 10 and Steeles Avenue mall is encouraging Bramptonians to paint a ceiling tile for charity this summer, for their upcoming “Looking Up to the Arts” event. The tiles should represent either what Brampton means to you, or the arts in Brampton.

Anyone can paint a tile for the event by buying one at the customer service desk for $5. Once tiles are completed and returned for the event, participants receive a gift certificate for $5. The ceiling tiles must be finished and returned by October 7.

The tiles will be auctioned off at the end of the event, with money going to the Brampton Arts Council.

Local dance, music, theatre and visual arts group will perform and promote at the mall’s event, which will be held from October 12 to 22.

This isn’t Shoppers World’s only celebration of the arts. The mall is the permanent home of the Artway Gallery, a community exhibit space on the west side of the mall. Organized by Visual Arts Brampton, the space allows anyone in the community to exhibit publicly.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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Before You Build Your First Fire Of The Season, Schedule An Appointment For Fireplace Cleaning In Rockville

byAlma Abell

During the winter months, there is nothing like a crackling fire, in the fireplace. The room is warm and cozy, shadows dance on the walls and the golden embers glow long into the evening. A well designed and functioning fireplace can help you save on your winter heating bills, add value to your home, and draw your friends and family together around the fire. Whether you use your fireplace a few times a year or daily as a heating source it is essential to have your fireplace and chimney inspected every year.

The potential dangers caused by a damaged or aged fireplace system range from smoke billowing into your home, carbon monoxide poisoning and fire to the rest of your home. Before you build the first fire of the season you need to schedule an appointment for a Fireplace Cleaners in Rockville.

House fires occur when a fireplace has cracked or crumbling masonry allowing flames to escape the fire box. A damaged or blocked chimney can cause smoke to backup into your home. Raccoons and squirrels are often drawn to the warmth and small spaces of chimneys for nesting. Once this happens, you need to hire a professional to come out and remove the animals. When you purchase a home that has a fireplace, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a company that provides Fireplace Cleaning in Rockville.

Before the cold weather settles in and you want to light a fire, have someone come out to your home that does Fireplace Cleaning in Rockville. They will clean your fireplace from the bottom to top. Starting with the firebox, the area where the logs sit, they will clear away the area and inspect the masonry for any potential cracks or crumbling brickwork that needs to be replaced or repaired. They will also use a long handled traditional wire brush to scrub the inside of the chimney. This will remove creosote buildups that can cause chimney fires and scrub the flu. Afterwards, they will inspect the flu making sure it is in good repair and open allowing the fumes and smoke to escape. Once you have had your fireplace cleaned and inspected, you can sit back and enjoy your cozy fire with the assurance that you and your family are not only warm, but also safe.

International participants showcase different industry cultures at 2008 Taipei Game Show

Friday, January 25, 2008

B2B Trade Area of Taipei Game Show, criticized by trade buyers last year, but accompanied with 2008 Taiwan Digital Content Forum, moved to the second floor at Taipei World Trade Center for world-wide participants with a better exchange atmosphere this year.

Not only local OBMs (Softstar Entertainment, Soft-World International Corp., International Games System Corp., …, etc.) but also companies from New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea showcased different specialists with multiple styles. Especially on South Korea, participated members from G? Trade Show (Game Show & Trade, All-Round, aka Gstar) showcased gaming industry of South Korea and the G? upcoming at this November with brochures.

In the 2-days Digital Content Forum, world-class experts not only shared industry experiences, members from Taiwan Gaming Industry Association also discussed and forecasted marketing models for gaming industry. With participations from governmental, industrial, and academical executives world-wide, this forum helps them gained precious experiences of digital content industry from several countries.

According to the Taipei Computer Association, the show and forum organizer, the digital content industry in Taiwan was apparently grown up recent years as Minister of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China Steve Ruey-long Chen said at Opening Ceremony yesterday. Without R&Ds from cyber-gaming, and basic conceptions from policies and copyright issues, this (digital content) industry will be fallen down in Taiwan. If this industry wanted to be grown up in sustainability, gaming OBMs in Taiwan should independently produce different and unique games and change market style to market brands and games to the world.

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