3 Great Rebounder Exercises

By Juliet White

The rebounder is a mini trampoline that can bring you some excellent health benefits. Not only is it a low impact piece of exercise equipment, it’s a high results item that can bring you many benefits from a fitness perspective as well as for overall health.

One of the benefits of this piece of equipment is that it’s great both for beginners to fitness as well as those who are already physically fit and want a challenging workout.

Rebounding exercises burn more calories than exercising on the ground and takes the pressure off your joints so you can work out for longer periods of time, therefore seeing faster results. Gravity works in your favor instead of against you.

The healthy bounce, jogging and jumping jacks are three great exercises you can do at home with your mini trampoline.

Getting Started

It’s wise to start any exercise routine with stretching. Have some water nearby too and before you start, be sure your rebounder is correctly assembled, on a firm surface and exercise in your bare feet or in running shoes to prevent slipping and injury.

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Health Bouncing

Sitting or standing on your rebounder and gently bouncing is a great way to get comfortable with rebounding. Just the act of simple and gentle bouncing while standing or sitting can have significant health benefits and get you started on the road to fitness. If you’re concerned about balance and stability you can buy a rebounder that comes with a stability bar.

Basic Rebounder Jog

Jogging on the spot on your rebounder will burn more calories than jogging on the spot on the floor or ground. Jog faster or put more pressure into the jump to achieve a higher bounce.

Jumping Jacks

The rebounder is the perfect tool to accentuate the jumping jack and get more mileage out of it. When performing jumping jacks on the rebounder, you can do more of them than on the ground because you won’t feel the same harsh impact on your joints and your feet. More jumping jacks equal more calories burned and greater cardiovascular health also.

Adding Intensity to Your workout

Any exercise on your mini trampoline will increase health benefits and exertion when you increase your arm movements, jump higher and you can even hold hand weights and wear leg weights. You can purchase 1, 2 or 5lb weights to hold while you bounce.

Twisting while bouncing or increasing your bounce to achieve greater height will also increase the intensity of the workout resulting in higher heart rate, more perspiration and more calories burned.

You can also use your trampoline for additional exercises that you’d normally do on the floor including crunches, yoga moves and even Pilates.

Advanced balance exercises should be attempted only after you’ve been exercising with your rebounder for a while so that you feel comfortable with your balance which will reduce the chances of injury.

It doesn’t take much to get results when bouncing and with only a few minutes a day you can rapidly see changes in your body tone and your endurance levels. The above basic exercises can be tailored to any workout program and in just a few minutes of rebounder exercising per day you can benefit your heart, lungs, bones, lymphatic system and trim inches of fat off your body.

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20 dead in Hyderabad, India flyover collapse

Sunday, September 9, 2007

At least 20 people have died and 20 more are injured after a partially constructed flyover (overpass) in Hyderabad, India collapsed onto traffic.

The disaster occurred at the Panjagutta junction, near Nagarjuna Circle. Two large concrete sections dropped onto oncoming cars and motorised rickshaws, damaging several severely.

A large emergency effort was immediately activated, but experienced severe difficulties in reaching the site due to congested traffic resulting from the collapse. Ambulances from the 108 EMRI Service and Appollo Hospitals attended the scene, and rushed the injured to a variety of nearby hospitals. All the region’s major hospitals, particularly the nearby Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, have placed their medical staff on emergency alert. Rescuers are now using cranes and cutting equipment in an effort to reach anyone who may still be trapped. It is expected that the death toll could rise further as many vehicles remain trapped under tons of debris.

Various politicians also attended the scene, including the local district collector, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy, Senior Congress Leader and MLA from Khairathabad P Janardhan Reddy and several other ministers.

Police have asked both the public and the press to keep away from the area, in order to prevent further collapse of the unstable structure. Preliminary investigations suggest the flyover had been been poorly constructed. The construction project had been carried out by leading contractor Gammon India Limited. It had been delayed, the original foundations having been built in 2005. After a successful request by the company to have the deadline for the project extended, work was slated to cease in November of this year, with the flyover entering operation by December. It is believed heavy rains in the area a few hours prior to the collapse may have contributed to the disaster.

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  • Former basketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41
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  • Iran admits downing Ukrainian jet, cites ‘human error’
  • Arizona, Florida, Illinois hold 2020 US presidential primaries; Ohio postpones
  • US President Trump declares COVID-19 national emergency
  • Native American groups sue US state of Montana over ballot law
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International row after Spielberg quits 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Do You Really Think That Pet Grooming Is Just About The Looks? If You Think So, Y}

Do you really think that pet grooming is just about the looks? If you think so, y


Sylvester BatemanDo you really think that pet grooming is just about the looks? If you think so, you’d better think again. There are several health issues you could manage or avoid by simply grooming your pet, not to mention that this healthy habit will mean a cleaner and lovelier pet. If you are not sure how to properly care for your pet so that you will keep it in a good state of health, you may find the following lines useful. Whether you are a first-time pet owner or you own a pet for a while, it won’t hurt reading this information because you will find out extremely valuable details about correct pet grooming.1. Grooming the furGrooming the fur of your pet will eliminate the incidence of hairballs to form and will keep your home cleaner. While it is normal for cats to vomit or eliminate hairballs in their litter box, because they do tend to groom themselves rather often, you should know that it is not safe to let them ingest too much hair. If the cat ends up ingesting a larger quantity of hair, the hairball that forms in its intestines can create severe blockages, and, thus, health problems, hence cat boarding and grooming will be the best you can do. It is true that dogs don’t suffer than often because of hairballs, but it can happen. It doesn’t matter if your pet has short or long hair, brushing it with an adequate brushing tool several times per week will ensure a good hygiene and cleanliness.2. Taking care of the ears and eyesWhether it’s a cat or a dog the ears and eyes of the pet should be closely inspected as often as possible, so you can notice if there is anything wrong in a timely manner. Healthy eyes should be clear, shiny, and have a moist appearance. There shouldn’t be any cloudiness, redness, or irritation when looking into the eyes of your pet. Also, make sure you check the ears as well. Pets that have floppy ears tend to be more prone to developing ear conditions because dust can accumulate on the inside and cause trouble. So, flip the ear of your pet, if the case, and look inside. They should not be red or inflamed, present debris accumulation, or have a foul smell. If they do, you need to visit the vet’s office because your pet may deal with an ear infection. Healthy ears should not have any particular smell and should be soft pink. Do know that there are liquid cleaners for your pet’s ears, which can be used as a precaution method. Choose the best pet grooming center for your pets because they are expert with experience and authorized for a proper pet grooming in Winnipeg area if you are you looking for the one. 3. Clipping the nailsIf your pet enjoys a lot of activity, it may not need claw clipping. But, pets that spend quite a while indoors, especially cats, may need to have their claws clipped periodically. If your pet’s nails grow too long, they may cause problems, like hurting the inner paw. Nail clipping can be easily done at home, although you’ll have to be careful not to cut in too deep because you may cause the nail to bleed. If this operation scares you, the vet or a pet groomer can help you out.4. Brushing the teethCleaning the teeth of your pet will make sure that it will have its teeth as it advances in age, being able to eat right. The ideal scenario would be to brush your pet’s teeth every day, but if that’s just too hard to achieve, once or twice a week is also good. You can find special toothpaste and toothbrush for pets at any pet store. Also, do know that a Q-tip is usually better tolerated by most pets than a regular pet toothbrush because it doesn’t look that big and scary.

Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp provide your pet a safe and comforting alternative to home while offering you peace of mind while you’re away. For more details or to make your appointment visit: http://www.waldenway.com/.

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US Defense Secretary evaluates Iraq and the political climate

Friday, April 6, 2007

U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates warned that limiting funding for the United States efforts in Iraq could lead to more bloodshed in the Middle Eastern country. In an interview with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, he said it might even lead to ethnic cleansing in Bahgdad and elsewhere in Iraq.

Gates’ comment followed a proposal from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to end most spending on the Iraq war in 2008, limiting it to targeted operations against al Qaeda, training for Iraqi troops and U.S. force protection.

Sec. Gates also said that the duration of the troop increase is not clear and that evaluating whether the Administration’s new strategy was working will have to wait till mid-summer. The Army general charged with day-to-day operations has suggested that the increased deployment may extend to early next year.

Scientists report chemotherapy cocktail may cause adult women to grow new egg cells

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chemotherapy is usually associated with a collection of side effects ranging from digestive problems to hair loss, but a study published this week in Human Reproduction demonstrated that female cancer patients may find they have something in common with much younger women in one specific area — their ovaries.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh examined donated ovarian tissue from fourteen female cancer patients, most of whom had Hodgkin lymphoma, and compared it to tissue from healthy women. They found the samples from women who had been treated with a specific chemotherapeutic regimen known as ABVD not only contained greater numbers of dormant ova — egg cells — than those from women treated with harsher regimens but also more than samples from healthy women. ABVD is named for combining several drugs known as adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine.

These reproductive cells were not merely more plentiful in ABVD patients. They also appeared immature, “new” in the words of lead researcher Evelyn Telfer. This challenges the conventional belief that girls are born with all the ova they will ever have and the numbers can only go down as the cells are either used up by the reproductive cycle or succumb to damage or natural aging. However, further research is needed to confirm this. The study covered relatively few patients by scientific standards, and David Albertini of the Center for Human Reproduction in New York has suggested the cells may not actually be freshly grown. Instead, they may have always been there and were merely rendered more detectable by ABVD treatment.

The ability to grow new egg cells may have significant implications for women in Western societies, many of whom postpone childbearing to establish careers, sometimes into their late thirties or forties. However, Telfer warns against making use of these findings too soon: “There’s so much we don’t know about the ovary. We have to be very cautious about jumping to clinical applications.”

The experiments had been discussed earlier this year at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

First Aid Training: Knowing The Basics}

Submitted by: LQ

When emergency calls for quick action – and it sure does, it gets down to the basics. Knowing the basics of first aid is crucial to getting the action done.

The fundamentals of first aid are contained in A, B, C which stands for Airway, Breathing and Circulation. The ABC of first aid is the first important thing to consider before checking for responsiveness and calling for help.

A persons airway is checked to determine whether the victim is conscious or unconscious. If a victim is conscious, request that he or she utter a word. This is because the ability of a person to speak directly correlates with an airway. A blocked airway suppresses a persons ability to speak. Unconscious victims, quite the reverse, require a closer examination. Put your ear close to the victim’s mouth and listen for signs of breathing, or feel for air on your cheek. See if the chest or the abdomen is rising with each breath.

If you perceive that the victim is breathing normally, place him or her in the recovery position. However, at the instant that you do not feel of hear normal breathing immediately initiate the CPR.

Although you may to be able to, at once, determine the possible causes of a persons unconsciousness, it may be due to any of the following: seizures, poisoning, alcohol or drug intoxication, dehydration, overdose, illness – such as diabetes, or infection.

After you have determined if the victims airway is clear and he or she is responding and breathing, determine if the victim has adequate circulation.

You can check if the victim has signs of circulation by looking at the victim’s skin color and feeling his or her skin temperature. If you notice that circulation is absent and the victim is not responding at all, start the CPR immediately. If the victim sustained injuries and bleeding, follow the steps to control bleeding and call the assistance of an ambulance.

If the victim remains unconscious and you have tried your best to rouse the person, but to no avail, consider it as an indicator of a serious medical emergency. Do not delay calling your areas Emergency Line or the medics for an ambulance response. If you happen to be out of the house, make sure that you mobile phone can directly connect a call to an Emergency Line.

While waiting for the rescue team to arrive, continue to gather the victim’s personal medical information. Make sure that the area and the immediate surroundings where the victim is located are passable and clear from obstructions and distractions. This way the emergency crews and their equipments can move without restraint. Move cars and furniture out of the way to allow access with a gurney. If the location is inside the house, you should lock up the dogs or other pets and turn on the lights especially in the porch area. Have someone assist you in meeting the emergency crews and guide them to the location of the victim. While doing all the preparations, do not forget to keep an eye on the victim.

About the Author:

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if you are interested in going through

first aid courses or training,




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Iconic London mural could be restored

Monday, September 20, 2010

One of London’s most well known murals could be restored after years of neglect if plans by a group of community activists gain public support. The Fitzrovia Mural at Whitfield Gardens on London’s Tottenham Court Road was created by two mural artists and commissioned by Camden Council in 1980, but the mural has since decayed and been vandalised.

Plans will be presented at a public meeting this Tuesday, to include details of the restoration and promote local public space in contrast to potential commercial developments and the focus of the London 2012 Olympics. If enough funds are raised from charitable trusts and public donations the mural could be restored during the summer of 2011.

Plans to be put forward by the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association, and the London Mural Preservation Society, will present ways to fund not only the restoration work but also projects to raise awareness of conservation, heritage, and the residential and working community. The heritage and mural project hopes to involve many local people who could learn new conservation skills. Also planned are workshops with local children to involve them in their heritage, an exhibition by local artists, guided tours and a celebratory event at the end of the restoration project. In addition to this, a booklet would be produced containing collected oral histories of the people involved and a preservation trust to protect the mural in future years.

The playful painting was created on a Camden Council-owned building in 1980 by artists Mick Jones, (son of the late Jack Jones, trade union leader) and Simon Barber and is a mash up of scenes depicting problems faced by the neighbourhood over the preceding decade.

There is also a caricature of poet Dylan Thomas, who lived in Fitzrovia, and a mocking portrayal of then leader of the Greater London Council, Conservative politician Horace Cutler, who is pictured as a bat-like creature. Other characters include an anonymous greedy developer and a property speculator counting piles of cash.

Peter Whyatt of the neighbourhood association is jointly leading the project to restore the mural. Yesterday he told Wikinews he had a number of concerns about the possible success of the project.

“There are a great number of problems with getting this project off the ground and we also need to act pretty quickly for a number of reasons,” said Mr Whyatt.

“Firstly the mural is in a terrible state and deteriorating quickly. There is more graffiti being daubed on the site every month because one bit of graffiti attracts another bit. We really need to start the work in the next 12 months because going through another winter with the condition of the wall will causes more problems and inevitably more expense. We want to keep as much original artwork on the site as possible to keep the costs down. This is a big mural and it will be expensive to restore,” he continued.

“And that brings me to my second concern: cost. If we don’t get other community organisations on board to bid for money for this with us and to involve their beneficiaries and volunteers, it will be very difficult to secure the money needed. Money is very tight at the moment because to the current financial climate. We need to get support at this meeting on Tuesday and some firm commitments from people and organisations to get involved.

“Lastly there is a danger of a commercial development on the site. A public-private partnership to create a new art feature. Because of the existing mural’s subject matter – it mocks property speculators, and land developers, etc – a commercial scheme probably backed by a property developer would not want to restore the mural’s original message. They’d want some “good news” scheme, some greenwash idea that paints them in a positive light.

“However, despite these problems, Camden Council have offered to do a condition survey on the mural. This will save us a lot of money. But having said that there are five council departments to deal with to get permission for this restoration work, and they don’t always talk to each other.

“But if the public and local voluntary organisations show their support, we can make it happen,” Mr Whyatt concluded.

The mural restoration will be just one part of a year long project of heritage and conservation awareness-raising. “The project is not just about the mural but also wider plans to promote awareness of heritage and conservation in an area of London under threat from commercial development. In fact the bulk of the project is about the heritage and conservation and the mural is just one part of it, and the most visible because of its situation,” Mr Whyatt later added.

There will be a public meeting about the heritage and mural project at 7.30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday), at the Neighbourhood Centre, 39 Tottenham Street. The public can also comment about the proposals on the Fitzrovia Heritage and Mural website.

NASA prepares to launch mission to nearby asteroids

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NASA is beginning the final preparations for next Wednesday’s launch of the Dawn probe, aboard a Delta II rocket. The Dawn probe, costing over US$250 million, will visit the dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroid Vesta. The launch was originally planned for mid-June, however due to a damaged crate, shipping delays, and a damaged solar panel, NASA chose to delay it until now. Last week the spacecraft was delivered to the launch pad, and engineers performed tests to ensure that it is ready for launch. Today, the payload fairings were installed, and the probe is ready for its launch next week onto its 5 billion kilometer (3.2 billion mile) mission.

As the Delta II launches, three stages of rockets will propel the probe towards its first target. With the help of ion thrusters, it will reach Mars in mid-2009. Using Mars’ gravity, the probe will speed up and proceed towards the first asteroid, Vesta, in late 2011. After orbiting for seven months, it will leave Vesta in mid-2012, and arrive at Ceres in 2015. After making scans of Ceres, it will enter an orbit around Ceres that will ensure that it does not impact the asteroid for half a century. This is required due to the United Nations’ “Outer Space Treaty”, which states that “harmful contamination” of these asteroids must be avoided.

The targets of this mission, Ceres and Vesta, couldn’t be less alike. Ceres (diameter 975 km, 600 miles) is larger than Vesta (578 km, 350 miles). This makes Ceres approximately the size of Texas. NASA believes Ceres could contain water beneath its outer crust because, like Earth, its inner layers are heavier than the outer layers, and Ceres’ outer layer is lighter than water. Vesta, on the other hand, is the size of Arizona, and has a surface of volcanic rock, which astronomers believe came from its hot inner layers. Vesta also has a large crater – almost 500 km (300 miles) across – on its southern pole. The collision that caused this likely blasted enough rock into space to fill a container 160 by 160 by 80 km (100 by 100 by 50 miles).

The probe will make several observations of these asteroids: it will compare the makeup, shape, size, and densities, analyze craters, and determine mass, gravity, rotation. To determine the makeup, the probe carries a mapping spectrometer, and tools to map emissions of neutrons and gamma rays. Using this information, NASA can compare the formation of these bodies to learn more about our solar system, for example, to test a theory which states that a number of stony meteorites may be debris from Vesta.

There’s one more piece of equipment aboard the probe: A small silicon chip containing the names of 350,000 people who submitted their names to the “Send Your Name to the Asteroid Belt” campaign. After next week’s launch, the spacecraft will deploy its solar panels and undergo two months of testing before it begins the cruise to Mars.

Customized Promotional Gifts All In One Location


Shopping where you can find customized promotional gifts all in one location affords you a great deal of advantages. As a business owner/manager you probably have a full plate of responsibilities, adding “shopping” for promotional items is probably not something you look forward too. Having to visit more than one site online or worse yet deal with more salespeople is not only time consuming it can be frustrating. You need:

* A wide range of options

* Fast, reliable service

* Dependable quality

When you are shopping for promotional items you want to be sure that you can find a large selection that you can choose from all in one place. You do not want to waste time searching for the items that you want and you do not want to have to settle for items that you really do not want.

Fast, Reliable

There are options both on and off line that are just not really viable options, not because the products are not great but because the service is not great. Typically, a business owner does not order items months in advance they are ordering the items that they need now. Fast turnaround times and reliable delivery schedule is a must.

Dependable Quality

Of course you want the inventory, fast turnarounds but you also have to be assured of the quality of the products because they will be associated with your business and you never want shoddy items to be associated with your business. It is just bad for your image to accept anything less than good quality products.

There is one place that makes it so easy to find the products that you want all under one roof and as an added bonus you can order everything right online including customizations. To buy more products then visit D K Specialties at http://www.dkspecialties.com/

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