Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags

January 21st, 2020

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005File:Plastic bag stock sized.jpg

They are cheap, useful, and very plentiful, and that is exactly the problem, according to researchers. A report issued on Feb. 23 by a cadre of environment and economics researchers suggested that Kenya should ban the common plastic bag that one gets at the checkout counter of grocery stores, and place a levy on other plastic bags, all to combat the country’s environmental problems stemming from the bags’ popularity.

Computer networking is a mean to easily transmit data residing on a computer between two or more persons. Here are some principles about networking and how it simplifies data transmission.

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Suppose two persons that have data stored on some media, say hard drives. If the two persons need to share this data with each other, what will they do?

This question is the basis on which the networking principle is built. The two persons can send the data to each other by copying it to movable drive say flash memory and giving it to each other. This can be well if it will not be happening continuously. But what if the two persons need to send data every day or even every hour? It will be difficult to send it to each other especially if they remote from each other.

The idea of networking has been arisen from such cases. Instead of sending data between two or more people on movable devices such as floppy disks, they can easily connect their computers to each other. Every person who wants to transfer the data to his friend can easily transfer it through the network.

So how will the data be transferred across the network? Simply by connecting computers of different persons to each other by means of cables the data can be easily transmitted. Thus the media will be cables rather than movable devices although it can be also wireless device. The wireless device will send the data in air by electromagnetic waves. It will be electrical pulses if the data are transmitted on cables. 

Guide on Networking Home Computers

In fact networks can be used not only to share data but also to share devices such as printers and CD-ROM. One user on a floor can use a printer that is connected to another computer on anther floor by means of the network. The same is true for CD-ROM. This must be configured on both computers by the operating system. This benefit of networking makes it helpful for people to use remote devices on their office. Also it reduced the cost because on printer or one CD-ROM is used for all members of the network.

Tips on How to Network Two Computers to Same Printer

Mainly the network will be composed of a set of computers and a printer. This set of computers will be responsible for sending the data to each other. One computer also may use the printer to print documents. If the network looked like this, it will be called peer to peer. In this scheme, all computers are the same and have equal processing power. The information is also distributed across them equally. There is no device that has more data in its hard drive.

On the other hand, if there is at least one computer in the network that has more stored data and more processing power and speed, then the scheme will be called server-based networking. The computer that has the more data storage and the higher processing power will be called the server. This scheme can be defined also as a client-server based model because the other computers in the network that have normal processing power will b treated as clients that will request data from the server. The internet is build over this scheme where the home computers are the clients and the computers that serve them are called servers. The most popular server type is the web server which forwards page to the clients in the home or offices.

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It may seem unnecessary to give much attention to the storing of foods that do not spoil easily, but there are good reasons why such foods require careful storage. They should be properly cared for to prevent the loss of flavor by exposure to the air, to prevent the absorption of moisture, which produces a favorable opportunity for the growth of molds, and to prevent the attacks of insects and vermin. The best way in which to care for such foods is to store them in tightly closed vessels. Earthenware and glass jars, lard pails, coffee and cocoa cans, all carefully cleaned and having lids to fit, prove to be very satisfactory receptacles for such purposes.

Unless coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, and prepared cereals are bought in cans or moisture-proof containers, they should be emptied from the original packages and placed in jars that can be tightly closed, so that they will not deteriorate by being exposed to the air or moisture. For convenience and economy, these jars or cans should be labeled. Sugar and salt absorb moisture and form lumps when exposed to the air, and they, too, should be properly kept. A tin receptacle is the best kind for sugar, but for salt an earthenware or glass vessel should be used. It is not advisable to put these foods or any others into cupboards in paper bags, because foods kept in this way make disorderly looking shelves and are easily accessible to vermin, which are always attracted to food whenever it is not well protected.

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Canned goods bought in tin cans do not need very careful storage. It is sufficient to keep them in a place dry enough to prevent the cans from rusting. Foods canned in glass, however, should be kept where they are not exposed to the light, as they will become more or less discolored unless they are stored in dark places.

Flour, meals, and cereals stored in quantities develop mold unless they are kept very dry. For the storing of these foods, therefore, wooden bins or metal-lined boxes kept in a dry place are the most satisfactory.


Practically all vegetables and fruits with skins may be regarded as semiperishable foods, and while they do not spoil so easily as some foods, they require a certain amount of care. Potatoes are easily kept from spoiling if they are placed in a cool, dry, dark place, such as a cellar, a bin like that shown in Fig. 16 furnishing a very good means for such storage. It is, of course, economical to buy potatoes in large quantities, but if they must be kept under conditions that will permit them to sprout, shrivel, rot, or freeze, it is better to buy only a small quantity at a time. Sweet potatoes may be bought in considerable quantity and kept for some time if they are wrapped separately in pieces of paper and packed so that they do not touch one another.

Carrots, turnips, beets, and parsnips can be kept through the winter in very much the same manner as potatoes. They deteriorate less, however, if they are covered with earth or sand. Sometimes, especially in country districts, such winter vegetables are buried in the ground out of doors, being placed at a depth that renders them safe from the attacks of frost. Cabbage will keep very well if placed in barrels or boxes, but for long keeping, the roots should not be removed. Pumpkin and squash thoroughly matured do not spoil readily if they are stored in a dry place.

Apples and pears may be stored in boxes or barrels, but very fine varieties of these fruits should be wrapped separately in paper. All fruit should be looked over occasionally, and those which show signs of spoiling should be removed.

Working in a routine job where you push hard to achieve your professional targets and get benefits for someone else will seem meaningless and futile. In the end, you want to work hard to get the best gains for yourself and that is what drives many start ups. The best way in which you can lead a great life where your professional life doesn’t dominate your personal life is by working as a freelancer, a contractor or a consultant. It will have a wide range of benefits and you will be able to lead a happier life too. However, you will also have to deal with your accounting and taxation problems on your own and that will surely be a difficult job. With the help of a contractor accountant, dealing with your tax woes will be really easy.

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Coming up with a freelance work situation or acting as a self driven consultant will raise many advantages on your side. However, it will also mean that you will be responsible for your own accounting and taxation worries. Contractors, freelancers and consultants can get the sort of help they need with a contractor tax accountant. Running a company in a tax efficient manner is what most people desire but only few people can achieve this. To tackle your contractor tax issues, you can rely on the services of a professional accountant who can meet all your accountancy requirements.

You will want to concentrate on the core areas of your business in order to succeed with your contractor setup. This will not be possible if you have taxation problems haunting you regularly. With the help of professional taxation solutions, you won’t have to worry about taxes and accounts as these experts will keep you focused on your job. A freelancer accountant will offer a wide range of services for your needs like company formation, registration with HMRC, documentation work required to setup a company bank account and providing a complete payroll service to the Directors. According to your business requirements, your professional taxation service providers can handle all necessary submissions needed for VAT returns

Professionals dealing in accounting for contractors will also be able to aid you in preparing statutory accounts and corporation tax returns. In areas like annual return filing at companies house, preparation of personal self assessment tax return and in corresponding with HM revenue and customs too, you will get immense help with an accountant for contractors. In order to help you pay the minimal most tax, you can seek unlimited advice through mail and telephone from the professional tax consultants.

Life should be enjoyed and cherished in every possible way. When you will be working really hard for a firm or a company without getting the necessary benefits, life will go past you. The best way in which you can enjoy your professional and personal life to the fullest is by becoming a freelancer or a consultant. In this scenario, you will have to deal with taxation and accounting hassles that might be difficult. However, an accountant for contractors will be able to help you immensely.

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Computer networks are basically these huge networks that allow computers to stay in touch with each other.  As more and more organizations now rely on the computer for all their work and tasks it is important that they have someone looking after this network.

Computer networking courses as a result have been on a rise in recent years.

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Computer networking is such an important part of most businesses that computer networking courses are now a requirement for many degrees that one may be considering working towards.  There are many types of training facilities and institutions that offer computer networking courses. Larger institutions may offer a bachelor’s degree in computer networking and computer hardware or other computer related degrees that will require students to have completed the computer networking courses.

Finding the right institution to take a computer networking course at, will depend largely on what educational goal you are aiming for.  Many traditional institutions offer work certificates in computer hardware and networking. With this type of degree one is certified to work as a computer network technician.  For those who wish to pursue a more thorough education there are associate degrees and bachelor degree programs in computer networking as well. There generally are a wide variety of computer networking courses depending on the specific requirements, but most will include classes such as Network Analysis and Design, Cisco Networking, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Technology Foundations and Introduction to TCP/IP.

There is also a large assortment of online programs that will help you in achieving an education in computer networking.  For those who wish to use the computer networking courses as an additional element to their existing training, this can be a wonderfully cheaper alternative.  There are also online courses that will allow a student to achieve a complete degree whether it is only a certificate or associates degree. In addition online schools also offer many forms of bachelor degrees in the computer networking field.

When deciding on an institute it is important that one check the school thoroughly to be sure of its accreditations and who has accredited it.  It is also good to check the institute’s reputation and talk to former students in the institute. By taking a bit of time before deciding where to take your computer networking courses at, you can be assured that your training will be recognized by different organizations  that are prospective employers. This can be beneficial in furthering your education and helping you in landing a good job in the computer networking area of many businesses. This will be a great benefit in the years to come.

While the amount of people now opting for these courses is high, this does not mean that by the time you graduate you will not get a job. In fact the amount of jobs available outweighs the amount of students graduatingBusiness Management Articles, so computer networking is a perfect course for those straight out of college.

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Sevilla signs Sirigu on loan from Paris SG

December 31st, 2019

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Monday, August 29, 2016

On Friday, French capital football club Paris Saint-Getmain announced they loaned Italian goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu to Spanish club Sevilla F.C. till the season end.

29-year-old Sirigu started his career in Italy and joined the Parisians five years ago, in 2011. After playing 60 Serie A matches from 2009 to 2011, Sirigu became the first-choice goalkeeper at PSG for four years, playing 145 matches.

In five seasons at Parc des Princes, Sirigu has won four consecutive Ligue 1 titles, three Trophée des Champions, three Coupe de la Ligue, and two Coupe de France. Sirigu has played seventeen international matches, debuting in 2010.

Last season, German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp joined PSG and became their first-choice keeper. Lacking playing time with PSG, Sirigu signed the contract with Sevilla on Friday, after passing the medical tests hours before.

Per the agreement between the clubs, PSG has not included an option for Sevilla to buy the player.

Avalanche buries cars in Colorado

December 15th, 2019

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

An avalanche on U.S. Route 40, which was 100 feet wide and 15 feet deep, has buried many cars, caused other cars to be pushed over the edge of an expressway, and injured eight people, just outside of Denver, Colorado. The avalanche started at 10:30 AM, starting about 12 miles off Interstate 70, and taking three different paths down the mountain before coming to a stop.

“Our crews said it was the largest they have ever seen. It took three paths,” said a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Transportation, Stacey Stegman.

All eight (7 adults, 1 minor) have been taken to the St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver. According to a hospital spokeswoman, all of the victims suffered minor injuries. Seven patients were released on Saturday. There were no casualties.

U.S. route 40 is currently closed to traffic. According to Winter Park spokesman Matt Sugar, there are no plans to close the ski hills. “We’ve gotten calls from all over the country asking if the resort is closed,” he said, “and the answer is no.”

This is the third snow storm to hit the Denver area in three weeks.

Elwood Norris receives 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention

November 15th, 2019

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MIT has announced that Elwood “Woody” Norris, inventor of potentially revolutionary technologies of Hypersonic Sound beams and AirScooter flying vehicles, will receive this year’s Lemelson-MIT prize for invention this Friday, April 22. The prize comes with an award of US$500,000, making it the largest single award for invention given in the United States.


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Mother’s plea to U.S. president gains widespread attention

Mother’s plea to U.S. president gains widespread attention

November 9th, 2019

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother of a fallen soldier in Iraq, has gained national attention for her efforts to demand the President of the United States speak with her personally. “What I want to ask is, ‘What noble cause did my son die for?’ And if he says that it was to get rid of Saddam or liberate the Iraqi people, I’m not going to buy it.” Mrs. Sheehan told Salon.com reporters. Prompted by President George W. Bush’s announcement that Americans in Iraq have died for a ‘noble cause’, Sheehan has been camping near Bush’s Texas ranch for the past week to demand a private conversation with the President. “I don’t want comfort,” she told Cox Newspapers, “I want the truth.”

Mr. Bush said he was aware of the pleas of the grieving mothers, “But whether it be here or in Washington or anywhere else, there’s somebody who has got something to say to the President, that’s part of the job. And I think it’s important for me to be thoughtful and sensitive to those who have got something to say. But I think it’s also important for me to go on with my life, to keep a balanced life.”

Cindy has been joined in Crawford by hundreds of supporters, including many other mothers of fallen soldiers, who are camping out with her and joining her in calling “for the truth” about why their sons had to die. Rallies of support are also taking place and being scheduled across the nation, and contributions from citizens across the world are flowing into the “Peace House”, a nearby cottage providing shelter and support for the mothers.

Casey’s grandparents and other members of her extended family issued a statement emailed to the Drudge Report website, which reveals their disagreement with the actions and statements that Mrs. Sheehan has made and accuses her of using her son’s death to promote a personal agenda:

The Sheehan Family lost our beloved Casey in the Iraq War and we have been silently, respectfully grieving. We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the expense of her son’s good name and reputation. The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect.

Mrs. Sheehan has responded by saying that political views within her extended family have always been diverse, but she is happy that her husband and children share her views and are supporting her efforts. She says her husband Pat, couldn’t bear having Casey’s things at home and put most of them in storage. “We grieved in totally different ways. He wanted to grieve by distracting himself. I wanted to immerse myself.”

Mrs. Sheehan and her husband were part of a group that met with the President following her son’s death last year; a meeting that President Bush began with what she thought was an insultingly insensitive greeting; “Who we’all gonna honor today.” Mrs. Sheehan says she had mixed feelings about Bush’s demeanor at the meeting, but kept quiet. When more information came out about the planning for the war, however, she started to feel utterly betrayed. “I want the kind of meeting that holds him accountable for the words he’s actually said.”, Sheehan told Time magazine reporters.

Wikinews investigates the reconstruction of Pichilemu, Chile after February earthquake

Wikinews investigates the reconstruction of Pichilemu, Chile after February earthquake

November 9th, 2019

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Left: A recently constructed kiosk with the new design. Image: Diego Grez.Right: The original design of the kiosk, as shown in the plans by the Municipality. Image: Ilustre Municipalidad de Pichilemu.

Eight months after a catastrophic earthquake, Wikinews has investigated the devastation caused in February and the reconstruction of Pichilemu, Chile. The February 27 earthquake and a subsequent tsunami completely destroyed Pichilemu’s most coastal street and its oldest villages. Wikinews has also had access to the original design plans of the new kiosks in Pichilemu, and conducted an interview with merchant Alejandro Mella, known locally as the King of the Cochayuyo (“El Rey del Cochayuyo”), who lost his kiosk after the earthquake.

Pichilemu is a coastal city in the O’Higgins Region of Chile, known as one of the “best surfing spots” in South America. Its current Mayor is Roberto Córdova Carreño, who was elected internally by the Councillors of the city in September 2009, after several political controversies that ended with three Mayors being displaced.

The territory of Pichilemu has a surface of 7,491 square kilometers, and comprises at least 24 villages, such as Ciruelos, Rodeíllo and Espinillo (the latter two also severely damaged by the March 11 earthquake). Pichilemu is the most popular beach in O’Higgins Region, and many tourists visit it every summer.

The earthquake took place in what is considered the “last weekend in the summer;” on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC), while almost all Chileans were sleeping. Hours earlier, on Friday, thousands of people had arrived at Pichilemu. “The house moved from side to side. I really thought it was going to fall. It was 3 or 4 minutes long,” Diego Grez, a Chilean student who was in Pichilemu at the time of the quake, told Wikinews in an interview.

A concert was being held at the One Discotheque when the earthquake occurred. It is said that the audience panicked and fled outside the discothèque, and then to the La Cruz Hill. Most tourists fled outside the city right after the earthquake occurred, but many others opted to stay in the La Cruz Hill or the village of Pueblo de Viudas, which are the higher points in the city.

“Pichilemu is the symbolic beach resort in the Sixth Region [of O’Higgins], so it was not strange to even think that [during] the last weekend before the entrance to school, many people would be going to take advantage of it to take a vacation; and that’s what happened,” reported El Rancagüino, the most important newspaper in O’Higgins Region, on February 28.

The only radio broadcasting in the area was Entre Olas, directed by Jorge Nasser, which also helped Pichileminians know what happened in other affected places by the earthquake, as they re-broadcasted the audio of Televisión Nacional de Chile (National Television of Chile). On the day of the earthquake, the station reported that a local police truck had crashed near La Cruz Hill. There was no tsunami warning, and Mayor Córdova was away on holiday when the earthquake struck.

“Those who live in Pichilemu, and those who were visiting it, were surprised by the giant waves that annihilated its beach and reached the city’s square, destroying everything on their way,” reported El Morrocotudo on February 28. “The most tough thing occurred when the firefighters’ alarms sounded twice, and the people in the hill began to yell ‘tsunami!’,” journalist Tania Arce told the newspaper.

The earthquake destroyed one of Pichilemu’s oldest and iconic buildings, the post office, which was demolished in July. The urban centre of Pichilemu was not severely damaged by the earthquake, but its subsequent tsunami caused most of the destruction. The Agustín Ross architecture in the city (three of his buildings are National Monuments of Chile) was damaged. Agustín Ross Balcony was completely destroyed.

According to SHOA, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy, the tsunami triggered by the earthquake first reached Pichilemu, at 03:48 (06:48 UTC). A second wave came at 04:15 (07:15 UTC).

Policeman José Arévalo was the only person to warn residents that a tsunami was approaching. Arévalo was patrolling the Las Terrazas beach, when the earthquake occurred. He told El Rancahuaso there were around 25 people in the beach. “Right after the quake, he noticed the sea had shrank around 500 meters inside. He took his megaphone, and shouted people should leave the place instantly.” “The sea is coming out! The sea is coming out!,” he shouted. “The warning was also preceived by nightclubs and pubs surrounding the costanera. Then, the tragedy occurred. The sea destroyed everything on its way,” El Rancahuaso reported. “It all was really quick. Everyone is safe, luckily [..] It’s something unforgettable to me, I’m proud I saved all of those lives,” Arévalo added.

The tsunami destroyed restaurants, hotels, kiosks, the Fishermen Store (Caleta de Pescadores), surf schools, the Agustín Ross Balcony (located right in front of the Las Terrazas beach) and houses near the costanera (the nearest street to the beach), and flooded the building of the Government of Cardenal Caro Province, the boarding school of Pichilemu, the city square (Arturo Prat Square), and the Supermarket El 9.

A local worker, Ricardo Vivanco, also known as “El Gordo” (“The Fat one”), almost was killed by a tsunami, ignoring warnings by the Police and the Fire Bureau. Vivanco was drunk, and went down to the Las Terrazas beach with his friends. The wave washed him away, and was hit on the Agustín Ross Balcony’s wall. His friends recorded a video and uploaded it to YouTube.

It was reported by Radio Entre Olas on February 27, that the tsunami had provoked massive damage in Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu’s most popular beach. The owner of Entre Mar, an hotel and restaurant in that beach, said the tsunami had destroyed all of his buildings there.

The village of Espinillo was badly damaged, and approximately 600 people were made homeless by the earthquake, Teletrece reported on March 16. “We are keeping the government informed, we’re also organized with some churches [sic, religious organizations] that are working voluntarily in Espinillo, Los Boldos, Alto Ramírez […] We thank a lot their work, that is not to give them mediaguas [temporary tenements], but something definitive, but I also think they need resources to do it,” Mayor Córdova said.

On March 11, Chile was hit by a second earthquake, that reached a magnitude of 6.9, and that occurred 40 kilometers southwest of Pichilemu. It occurred at 11:39 local time (14:39 UTC), while the new President Sebastián Piñera was sworn in.

A tsunami warning was issued by SHOA, between Coquimbo and Los Lagos regions. People in Pichilemu fled again to La Cruz Hill. Military authorities assured people in the hill they were going to be safe there, and that it was unlikely a tsunami was going to hit again Chile’s coast. The tsunami warning was lifted at 15:50 local time (18:50 UTC).

People stayed in La Cruz Hill for a longer time than after the previous earthquake, and several activities were made there, such as a concert by Chilean-Brazilian singer Joe Vasconcellos. People were also given food, wood (mostly remains from the destroyed kiosks), and electricity.

“We are here because we fear about our safety. We don’t want it [a possible tsunami] to catch us. We have to settle down here and to accommodate,” Edith Larraín told to Wikinews. Mayor Córdova estimated that at least 2,000 people were staying at La Cruz Hill. Militaries and provincial authorities asked them to leave the hill on March 15, but most refused the deal. People eventually left the hill, due to complaints by the Mayor.

On March 20, in collaboration with the Governor of Cardenal Caro Julio Ibarra, Colonel Raúl Melo, and the Mayor of Litueche Bernardo Cornejo, Mayor of Pichilemu Roberto Córdova announced a “tourism revival campaign” of Pichilemu, promoting the surf practice, whose goal was “to make the city go back to the normality.”

On April 4, the first monument was erected in memory of the earthquake and tsunami victims. The monument was created by local artisans, with rocks from several places of the Cardenal Caro Province. “We wanted to create this monument so we don’t forget it [the earthquake] […] This is the beginning of the reconstruction,” said Julio Ibarra. The monument was placed in front of the beach, near the building of the Cardenal Caro Government. Mayor Roberto Córdova said that “it definitely will help us reconstruct [ourselves] espiritually, [and that] is essential.”

On October 20, with the help of the Government, SERCOTEC (Technical Cooperation Service, Servicio de Cooperación Técnica) and FOSIS (Solidarity and Social Investment, Fondo de Solidaridad e Inversión Social), the Fishermen Store (Caleta de Pescadores) began to be reconstructed. Caleta de Pescadores is administered by the Independent Labour Union of Fishermen of Pichilemu (Sindicato de Trabajo Independientes de Pescadores Artesanales), which has twenty-three members.

“The Government of President Sebastián Piñera has been worried about the fishing area, carrying out several actions in help of them, after all that they’ve suffered after the earthquake and tsunami that hit them […] This area is working normally again,” Governor Ibarra said.

On October 6, the Municipality of Pichilemu published the design of kiosks that were going to be constructed, as replacement of those destroyed by the earthquake. As of October 23, four kiosks have been constructed in Pichilemu, specifically on Las Terrazas beach, and two more are being constructed. According to Mauricio Grez, a construction engineer, the construction of one kiosk would cost up to US$ 2,500 (CLP 1,000,000).

Alejandro Mella, locally known as “el Rey del Cochayuyo” (“the King of the Cochayuyo”), is a merchant of Pichilemu, who promotes the cochayuyo (durvillaea antarctica), and lost his kiosk after the February earthquake and tsunami. “I was given my [former] kiosk by the Mayor Orlando Cornejo, back in 1993. It was right in front of us [in front of Las Terrazas beach, near “the grotto of the Virgin”], and was made smithereens by the tsunami,” he told Wikinews.

“I have always worked on selling cochayuyo here, and the terrain where my kiosk was located before has been disputed by private people, and the municipality approved that. I talked with the Mayor and he said ‘I don’t know what’s going on the beach’; that left me perplexed. […] I like the new design of the kiosks, they are larger, and we can do more things with it, but they are way too expensive,” he added. Mr. Mella also gave Wikinews a sample of his work as “the King of the Cochayuyo”, an essay called “El cochayuyo es una mina repleta de nutrientes y sales minerales” (“Cochayuyo is a mine full of nutrients and mineral salts”, pictured below), which he sells for 200 Chilean pesos (0.41 US$), and that contains “tips and information about the plant, and some recipes.”

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A kiosk in Pichilemu, in 2007. The design is considerably different to the recently published one. Image: Diego Grez.

Isometrical view of the new Pichilemu kiosks. Image: Ilustre Municipalidad de Pichilemu.

Construction of kiosks in Las Terrazas Beach, on October 22. Image: Diego Grez.

Front page of Alejandro Mella’s essay “El cochayuyo es una mina repleta de nutrientes y sales minerales” (“Cochayuyo is a mine full of nutrients and mineral salts”), which he published under the nickname of “the king of the Cochayuyo of Pichilemu”. Image: Alejandro Mella/Diego Grez.