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Top 5 Medical Diagnostic Tools For Your Clinic

Did you know Traditional Chinese Medicine has been for thousands of years? It focuses on achieving a balance of the energy flow of the body. You can use it for pain relief, insomnia, migraine, fertility issues, and many more. Modern TCM practitioners use medical diagnostic tools to learn more about the patient and provide an effective treatment. Along with TCM professionals, medical diagnostic devices are a staple of the healthcare industry.

Let us investigate the top medical devices that help medical practitioners in providing an accurate diagnosis.

1. Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a commonly used acoustic medical device. Medical practitioners use the device to listen to heart rate, blood flow, and other internal sounds. With the help of a professional-quality stethoscope, the doctor can discern a lot of information about the patient. The professional will place the disc-shaped resonator on the patient’s chest or back and listen to the sound traveling through the tubes. You can buy a Sprague Rappaport-Type Stethoscope that allows the medical professional to use the same stethoscope for infants, children, and adults. It has a full range of applications and is ideal for detecting even faint heart sounds.

2. Thermometer

Doctors use it for routine examination of patients. It provides information on whether one has a fever or not so that the doctor can proceed further and take other measures to improve the patient’s health. Although mercury thermometers were quite popular in the past, nowadays, doctors prefer digital thermometers to measure a patient’s body temperature. Digital thermometers have heat sensors to record the bodytemperature accurately. You can use them to take readings in the mouth, armpit, or rectum. Digital thermometers are great for kids as they do not contain any mercury, and so, they are relatively a safer choice.

3. Sphygmomanometer

Doctors use non-invasive devices to measure blood pressure. It is very convenient and portable to use. There are two types of sphygmomanometer available today:

A. Manual Sphygmomanometers

Manual sphygmomanometers are a preferred choice of trained practitioners to gauge blood pressure based on heart palpitations. The mercury sphygmomanometer is often considered the gold standard for the measurement of blood pressure. However, modern doctors prefer an aneroid sphygmomanometer. Instead of mercury, it contains a spring device and needle to gauge the blood pressure. Although aneroid devices offer greater mobility because they do not have any liquid, they require frequent calibration.

B. Digital Sphygmomanometers

Rather than auscultation, digital blood pressure monitors make use of oscillometric detection. Modern digital devices come with an LCD-display instead of mercury for improved safety. With the advanced device, it becomes easy to check blood pressure accurately.

4. Pulse Oximeter

Doctors use it to measure the amount of oxygen carried throughout the body. A pulse oximeteris a non-invasive method to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It is lightweight, and you can attach it to the fingertip, nose, foot, or even ears. Along with Western medicine doctors, TCM practitioners use a pulse oximeter or Pulse Ox and detect the imbalance/irregularities in the patient.

5. Physician’s Weighing Scale

Along with the traditional physician beam scale, there are various options available on the market. You must choose one depending on your requirements and convenience. Digital machines aregaining popularity among medical professionals because they are accurate and convenient. Battery-operated, the digital weighing scales are portable. Nowadays, smart weighing scales are all the rage. They display much more information than weight. You will be able to know weight and body composition data. You can set it up with an app and track the patient’s progress easily.

As a medical practitioner of any field, it is essential to use diagnostic tools to ensure accurate and efficient diagnosis. It will help you prescribe an effective treatment plan for your patients and ensure their health and wellbeing.

Blair ally Lord Levy arrested

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Police have arrested Lord Levy, chief fundraiser to the Labour Party and close associate of Tony Blair. Lord Levy was arrested by the Specialist Crime Directorate of London’s Metropolitan police as part of an on-going investigation into the cash-for-peerages row which has troubled the Labour government since the start of the year. He was bailed on Wednesday afternoon without charge pending further enquiries.

In a statement, Lord Levy said the arrest was “totally unnecessary”. A spokesman also said: “He has not been charged and does not expect to be, as he has committed no offence.”

The cash-for-peerages affair erupted earlier this year, after an independent body reported that Tony Blair had sold peerages (the title of Lord) to businessmen in exchange for secret donations to the Labour Party. This potentially breaks the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act of 1925 which was originally introduced after Prime Minister Lloyd George was caught selling peerages for personal funds.

The ruling Labour Party admitted soon after that it had borrowed over £14 million before the last general election in 2005. The opposition Conservative Party also admitted it had been loaned £16 million by wealthy businessmen. It’s believed that as chief fundraiser, Lord Levy arranged the Labour Party’s loans.

All political parties deny any wrong-doing, although the arrest of one of the Prime Minister’s closest allies is going to provide yet more scandal for the already troubled party.

Downing Street has so far declined to comment on what they call a “party matter” and Levy himself has accused the police of “over-reacting”. Some politicians have commented that the situation could be very serious for Mr. Blair.

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Kimi Räikkönen will start first for 2007 European Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton suffers a crash

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ferrari driver Kimi Räikkönen won the pole on the FIA Formula-1 2007 European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany.

Kimi’s rival Fernando Alonso split the two Ferraris and will start between Kimi and Felipe Massa.

Lewis Hamilton suffered a serious crash in the third qualifying session after his tire broke in Schumacher‘s S-curve and he found himself out of the track running at a tangent to the safety wall. Race officials confirmed that Lewis had been “conscious and speaking”. Still, there are reasonable doubts about his fitness for the race Sunday.

BMW Sauber team drivers 4th and 5th, Mark Webber from Red Bull-Renault 6th, Heikki Kovalainen from Renault 7th and Toyota‘s 8th and 9th.

Before this incident Lewis was fifth, but dropped two the tenth place and will probably lose more with the car change if he’ll participate in the race. It seemes that his incretible series of 9 consecutive pole finishes have come to an end.

The race will feature Marcus Winkelhock, the German driver replacing Christijan Albers in Spyker.

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Olympic flame for Beijing Games lit amidst protest

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Monday, the Olympic torch for the 2008 Summer Olympics was lit in Olympia, Greece as per tradition. The Games of the XXIX Olympiad are scheduled to be held in and around Beijing, China from August 8, 2008, to August 24, 2008.

Members of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), and others, were able to break through the police cordon. “We cannot let the Chinese government seize the Olympic flame, a symbol of peace, without denouncing the dramatic human rights situation in the country,” RSF said in a statement.

While Liu Qi, president of the Beijing Organizing Committee and a former mayor of Beijing, delivered a speech, at least one protester was able to run up behind him and display a flag that resembled the Olympic flag, except it was black and the rings were handcuffs.

The protester was quickly apprehended and Liu Qi continued his speech relatively uninterrupted. “The Olympic flame will radiate light and happiness, peace and friendship, and hope and dreams to the people of China and the whole world,” he told the crowd.

All we wanted to do was break into the torch relay and shout that this is a torch of shame as the Chinese government continues to kill hundreds of our people.

“Shame on China. Don’t send China’s blood-tainted torch to Tibet. Free Tibet. Tibet is an independent country,” shouted Tenzin Dorjee, a leader for Students for a Free Tibet, while he was taken by police.

“All we wanted to do was break into the torch relay and shout that this is a torch of shame as the Chinese government continues to kill hundreds of our people,” Dorjee said later. “They were stalking me from the moment I touched down to Greece,” he added.

The torch is the link between all athletes and citizens of this world; between all of us who believe in Olympism and the virtue of sport. It has the force to unite humanity and to stand for harmony.

The torch is still scheduled to be carried around the world in a relay that will go through twenty countries before arriving in Beijing for the start of the Games.

Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has defended having the Games in China, saying, “The major political leaders don’t want a boycott.”

In his speech Monday, he said, “The torch is the link between all athletes and citizens of this world; between all of us who believe in Olympism and the virtue of sport. It has the force to unite humanity and to stand for harmony.”

Germany’s Olympic Committee rejected a boycott of the games aimed at events in Tibet. Noting that the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott did not avert the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the president of the committee said they concluded that the role of sports is to start dialog and promote understanding — and not to exert political pressure.

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Tips For Beginners To Play And Win At Online Casino

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The internet is the place to explore, before you decide to settle on to a specific preference, with these simple tips in mind you can be a winner even as a beginner.

50 Italian parliamentarians call for global summit for “a new financial architecture”

Thursday, March 17, 2005

A letter and motion to be debated by Italian Parliament this week calls for action to address speculative bubbles and potential future financial crashes in the global economy. The motion asks for a global summit similar to the 1944 Bretton Woods United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, which gave us the IMF and World Bank.

The letter raises questions about the sustainability of current financial trends, based on the highly speculative nature of today’s markets. For example, according to the letter, “It is estimated that the entire financial bubble, counting all financial derivatives and all other forms of existing debt, is equal to about $400 trillion, compared to a worldwide GDP of slightly more than $40 trillion”.

Last years collapse of Italian dairy company Parmalat, with “14.3 billion euros that must still be accounted for”, is given as evidence for “a lack of effective tools and controls regarding financial operations”. Enron, which famously collapsed in November 2001 revealing faudulent accounting practices from previously respected accounting firm Arthur Andersen, is given as another example.

Oddly, the largest collapse on record, that of WorldCom, is not mentioned, though the set of examples is not purported to be exhaustive. A number of other crashes are mentioned: the LTCM fund, Argentine bonds, Cirio, and Finmatica.

The motion, linked to supporters of the Lyndon LaRouche movement, is signed by Parliamentarians Lettieri, Soro, Delbono, Tolotti, Widmann, Villani Miglietta, Rosato, Albertini, Morgando, Diana, Luigi Pepe, Damiani, Ostillio, De Brasi, Maccanico, Carbonella, Paola Mariani, Grandi, Pistone, Giovanni Bianchi, Giacco, Benvenuto, Piscitello, Camo, Realacci, Squeglia, Rocchi, Iannuzzi, Intini, Meduri, Santino Adamo Loddo, Boccia, Villari, Chianale, Siniscalchi, Sandi, Cusumano, Cennamo, Annunziata, Rotundo, Bonito, Buemi, Pennacchi, Fanfani, Tarantino, Rodeghiero, Angioni, Detomas, and Nesi.

Debate was scheduled for March 14-18.

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City of Edinburgh Council seek to improve local music scene

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Yesterday evening saw the Usher Hall in Edinburgh host a meeting between representatives of the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) and the local rock and pop music scene. The meeting was dominated with local musicians’ complaints over the “zero tolerance” policy Edinburgh is viewed as having adopted towards amplified music.The meeting began with the leading panel — Norma Austin Hart, vice-convener for Culture and Sport; John Stout, promoter from Regular Music; Kevin Buckle, of local store Avalanche Records; and Karl Chapman, manager of the Usher Hall — introducing themselves and outlining the purpose of the meeting. This being best-summarised as a desire to emulate the vibrant music scene of places as far-flung as Austin, Texas and Sydney, Australia.

Councillor Hart indicated officials from Austin had already offered to get involved in improving the live music scene in the city; although none were present from Austin, US-born local musician Pat Dennis provided his frank opinion on where Edinburgh fails to nurture the local music scene: that failure to support a grass-roots, small venue, music scene prevents the city being capable of organising events similar to Austin’s South by Southwest festival outwith August, when Edinburgh hosts the Festival and Fringe.

How do you think live music should be balanced against resident noise complaints?
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Coming in for the lion’s share of criticism, staff from CEC’s Licensing Board were visibly uncomfortable when the topic of the “single complainant” was brought up time and time again. Unlike any other business within the city, or residential properties, noise pollution within premises permitted to sell alcohol is not managed by environmental health staff. That responsibility is bundled with the alcohol license, which leaves publicans fearful that their premises will be forced to close if they do not comply with demands to cease use of any amplification, or hosting live music. This was characterised as a ‘tyranny of the minority’, a most-undemocratic approach where one person — for example, recently moved into a property adjacent to a long-established premises hosting live music — could force the closure of a business which has hosted local talent for 30+ years.

Taking heed of the strength of feeling from the majority present, Councillor Hart made a number of personal commitments towards the end of the meeting. Those included setting up a working group, Music is Audible, to look at how the council could better work with venues, and to have a follow-up meeting in March next year.

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UK company “seriously considering” GPS tracking devices in school uniforms

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The leading supplier of school uniforms in the United Kingdom, Lancashire-based manufacturer Trutex, has announced it is “seriously considering” including GPS tracking devices in future ranges of its uniform products after conducting an online survey of both parents and children.

“As a direct result of the survey, we are now seriously considering incorporating a [tracking] device into future ranges” said Trutex marketing director Clare Rix.

The survey questioned 809 parents and 444 children aged nine to 16. It showed that 44% of parents were worried about the safety of pre-teen children, and 59% wanted tracking devices installed in school apparel. 39% of children aged nine to 12 were prepared to wear clothing with tracking devices in them, while teenagers were notably less enthusiastic and more wary of what Trutex has admitted they see as a “big brother” concept.

However, Trutex has claimed the tracking devices would bring about worthwhile benefits, including being a valuable resource for parents who wanted to keep a close eye on where their children were at all times.

“As well as being a safety net for parents, there could be real benefits for schools who could keep a closer track on the whereabouts of their pupils, potentially reducing truancy levels” says Rix.

Each year, Trutex supplies 1 million blouses, 1.1 million shirts, 250,000 pairs of trousers, 20,000 blazers, 60,000 skirts and 110,000 pieces of knitwear to the UK.

It is not the first company to manufacture school uniforms with a central focus on child safety; last week Essex firm BladeRunner revealed it was selling stab-proof school blazers to parents concerned about violence against their children. The blazers were outfitted with Kevlar, a synthetic fibre used in body armour. It has already received orders internationally, including Australia.

If the Trutex tracking devices go ahead, it is unclear where in the uniform they will be located.

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What A Family Practice Doctor Can Do For You

Family practice doctors diagnose and treat chronic and acute illnesses, provide health screenings and advice. They can help you prevent many diseases. If a condition arises that requires the help of a specialist, a family practice doctor will guide you and refer you to a specialist. Unlike other doctors, these doctors do not specialize in treating one disease or organ. They treat the whole person and every part of the body. They help people of all ages, and they help men and women. Family doctors are trained to care for chronic illnesses and conditions like asthma, diabetes, and heart disease. They offer ear, throat, and nose care and emergency medical care. They are trained to perform minor surgical procedures and they offer bone, joint, and eye care. They can take x-rays of the body, and they help women with family planning. A good family practice doctor adheres to the high standards of medical care and they are board certified. The American Board of Family Medicine requires that doctors recertify themselves every six years. In order to maintain their board certification, they must complete 150 hours of continuing education every three years. The best doctors also have the support of a medical association like the AAFP. They create caring relationships with people and their families. They are good listeners and they get to know people. They care about their patients and help them make many important decisions about their health. They care for the mental, emotional, and physical health of their patients. They know your health history and how it can affect your life. They are trained to take care of you for the rest of your life. Good family physicians are also experts when it comes to modern technologies and current treatments and they keep educating themselves.If you do not have any medical problems, you should still visit your family practice doctor periodically. This kind of doctor is trained in preventive medicine and he can help you prevent many serious problems. A doctor can help you make better choices and he will keep you healthy. You can find a family practice doctor by talking with your co-workers, friends, associates, and family members. You can also find a doctor by searching in online directories and the major search engines. Make a list of family doctors in your area and make those phone calls.Ask questions before you choose a doctor for your needs. Find out if the doctors accept your health insurance plan, what their office hours are, what hospitals they use, what their rates are, and the like. After you find the best doctor, make an appointment. Make sure you get answers to your questions when you visit the doctor. Make sure you like the location and environment. Talk with your doctor about your health care issues. Talk with your doctor about any symptoms you have, your health history, and any medicines, vitamins, or supplements you take. Remember that it will take some time before you build a good relationship with your doctor, but it is worth it.

HUD hoaxer calls attention to lack of affordable housing

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Assuming the role of Rene Oswin, spokesperson for United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in New Orleans, Louisiana, a member of The Yes Men gave a satirical 15-minute speech claiming that HUD had reversed its decision to demolish four serviceable public housing complexes — a controversial action, suspected by many former residents and the NAACP as a policy intended to drive out poor black families. The media coordinator for the Survivors Village, Annie Chen, applauded Oswin.

Alternatively, Oswin proposed for Wal-Mart “to withdraw from areas near low-income New Orleans neighborhoods and to help nurture local businesses to replace them,” “partnership with health departments and the CDC” to “insure there is at least one well-equipped public health clinic for every public housing development,” and “that Exxon and Shell have agreed to finance the rebuilding of the protective wetlands from part of their 60 billion dollars in profits this year.”

From Washington, D.C., HUD spokeswoman Donna White confirmed the speech as a hoax and that no one named Rene Oswin works for the department. She said, “I’m like, who the heck is that?”

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