3 Major Kitchen and Bath Design Trends of 2015


Jordan Rocksmith

However, if it has been over 10 years since you last updated your home, it may be time for a change. Kitchen and bath showrooms have numerous appliances, fixtures, hardware pieces, and design ideas on display so that you know exactly what the newest and best bathrooms look like nowadays.

Here are 3 of the most innovative, surprising, and standout style trends this year. Let them inspire you to either make small updates or major renovations to your kitchen and bathrooms, some of the most important rooms of any home when it comes to style:

1. Old-Fashioned Appliances with New Technology

Say goodbye to the stand-up shower. Bury shower/tub mixes and forget about them. Pretend you never saw a tub built into raised tile. The most current and stylish bathrooms today have elegant and old-fashioned freestanding tubs. Even master bathrooms in homes are leaving out the shower and focusing attention and money on the tub. Porcelain clawfoot tubs or modern soaking tubs are part of an overall trend of doing old-fashioned things the modern way. So while the freestanding bathtub is an old appliance, today’s tubs are constructed with modern materials, advanced fixtures, clean lines, a lack of unnecessary ornaments, and sleek metallic hardware.


Likewise, kitchen appliances like stoves and ovens are being built to resemble old-fashioned appliances, almost containing the early industrial feel that the first ovens and stoves had. Of course, modern technology is behind these items so food cooks evenly, water boils quickly, and modern materials keep your entire kitchen looking sharp.

2. Dark Colors Are In

You might think of a contemporary kitchen or bathroom as a clean, white one with little color and simplified patterns. However, one thing about that trend has changed: white is being switched out for black, navy blue, deep gray, and even eggplant purple. Deep, rich colors–once avoided by designers because they can sometimes make rooms look small and heavy–are now popular thanks to the trend of condos and penthouses making big style statements with limited square footage instead of trying to create the illusion of space.

Therefore, heavy colors are here to stay. Small, black tiles or gray wallpaper with a recessed pattern are enviable choices for modern kitchens and bathrooms. Use them on the walls and as backsplash. They make shiny metals and granite or quartz countertops shine.

3. Fixtures with Character

A few years back, homeowners were in love with rigid and simple fixtures, such as faucets with an L shape–imagine the long end extending over a sink–and knobs that were purely cylindrical. Now, though, people appreciate fixtures that have more character. Remember that thing about traditional throwbacks in the 1st section? This trend has permeated fixture choices as well. Toilets with door-like handles, sinks with bulbous shapes, towel racks with ornate ends, and even decorative drains are in high demand from those building new bathrooms or looking to renovate their existing ones.

When it comes to materials, brass and copper are now just as popular as stainless steel, which seemed like the only stylish option at a recent point. These decorative fixtures add contrast to rooms that are contemporary, clean, and simple.

If your kitchen or bathrooms are falling behind the above trends, be sure to visit kitchen and bath showrooms so that you can make even small updates to your home. Of course, you can also begin a full renovation so that your kitchen and bathrooms are on the cutting edge of contemporary tastes.

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