By Lee Dobbins

For many redecorating your kitchen can be an expensive and time consuming project. But in this article we provide you with some kitchen decorating ideas which you may wish to consider when you finally decide that your kitchen needs updating.

1. Cabinets.

Unless you have high quality wooden cabinets in your kitchen the chances are that the ones you have could do with rejuvenating. The best way to do this is by repainting them which is the hottest trend at the moment. There are many techniques around which you can easily learn and will provide your kitchen cabinets with an expensive designer look to them. You can either use crackling, faux finishing or glazing as some of the more simple and cost effective ways to spruce up those tired and outdated cabinets in your kitchen. If you are unsure what to do then try the internet for some guidance as most of the major paint manufacturers have sites where they will provide you with information and instructions on how to paint kitchen cabinets.

2. Walls


Give your kitchen walls a new coat of paint. For many the kitchen is the heart of the home and we all feel more comfortable in rooms which offer mood and character. Should you happen to have wood cabinets then by putting colour on the walls you will enhance the woods appear making it appear richer. Also a good colour will help to emphasize any accessories in the kitchen.

3. Used carved looking moldings and appliques.

There are several methods which will help you to create beautiful moldings and embellishments for the kitchen for very little money. Why not try using a joint compound and a cake decorating bag to create a beautiful design on plain wood strips then prime them and paint them.

4. Using fabric in your kitchen.

By using fabrics in your kitchen you will be able to soften it and add romance or charm to the design. But not only do they add a little colour to a space they also make it feel warm and inviting.

5. Counter Tops.

Instead of going for the usual run of the mill kind of work surfaces why not consider stone instead. It will certainly cause an impact in any kitchen and can be done for as little as $40! All you need do is paint using a stone faux finish you can get books from the library or instructions on the internet on how to produce such a finish. But before you actually start working on your own worktops use a piece of cardboard to practice on. However if you really want this to be successful there is one thing you must do first and that is prime the counter tops prior to commencing painting them.

I hope that the kitchen decorating ideas provided above will give you some inspiration when you are thinking about giving a new look to your tired and outdated kitchen in the future.

About the Author: Lee Dobbins writes for Kitchen Decorating Ideas where you can get more kitchen decorating ideas for every budget and skill set.


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