By Carl Kinnebrew

I recently bought a house at auction to fix up and turn around at a profit. I felt that my initial investment was low enough, and with a little work I would be able to do all right with it. This is not my first endeavor into this growing business. The more experience you have, the more you learn, the more money you make.

There are certain areas where you should focus the most attention to and these areas can be argued. I have also found that you should do every improvement with the best materials and workmanship for it to pay off.


One area that I am always concerned with is the outside appearance of the house. If the outside is not appealing then your potential buyers will be very picky with the inside. If the outside looks great, then the potential homeowners will clearly be able to see the potential for some inside improvements. The outside should have a well landscaped lawn with trimmed bushes and trees. The grass should be cut before any showing of the home.

The house siding is very important also. This particular ranch type house had Alcoa aluminum siding that was very old. I check into how to clean aluminum siding but decided that it was not an option. Therefore I must choose a new siding. I looked into the average cost of vinyl siding and also considered Cedar red siding. After looking at a lot of different home siding material, I chose a thin brick siding.

Thin brick siding is inch clay bricks that can easily applied to a substrate. Then you add mortar to the joints and it looks as if you had a professional brick layer do the work. There are no footings, foundations, or supports necessary, and I was able to do the work myself. The best part of all is, brick homes bring higher prices than vinyl siding homes.

The thin clay brick siding cost me more that having vinyl siding applied. But we all know that brick homes bring more money than vinyl siding homes. I was able to see a very substantial profit to my investment. This is something that I will remember when I come upon another similar project.

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