By Terry Roberts

A great alternative to “roughing it” while camping is to rent or purchase one of the many models of camping trailers available on the market. Camping trailers can range from a hard-top tent trailer that requires some set-up and will easily pull behind even a small sized car through to a larger, all-in-one unit that is literally a home away from home on wheels. Each type of camping trailer has pros and cons to ownership, but one of the largest factors with any type of trailer is the cost.

The pop-up or fold down tent trailer is a less expensive option for campers that will be camping in established campgrounds or at least in areas where there is access by road. These camping trailers have an aluminum and steel or fiberglass and steel bottom with a lid or top that securely fastens while the trailer is being stored or moved. The trailer lid or top is raised through a crank mechanism to its full height of about eight feet over the bed area of the trailer. There are two or three bunks or sleeping platforms that then fold out, giving the appearance of a tent. These areas are usually large enough to comfortably hold two adults each and are roughly the size of a very large double bed. There may also be extensions that can be used to provide even more sleeping and relaxing space.


Most models of the camping trailer will also include permanent storage cupboards within the bed area. These are ideal for storing utensils, supplies and even clothing. In many models, small fridges and freezers, sinks, countertops and even cooking surfaces are built in to provide all the comfort of home. The central area has a collapsible table and a bench-like arrangement providing lots of seating. The newer models of tent trailers may also be wired for electricity and can easily be hooked to a generator for the full conveniences of home.

The more deluxe versions of a camping trailer are the fifth-wheel trailer and the travel trailer. These are completely rigid body trailers that are very comparable to a small apartment that is rectangular in shape and contains all the comforts of home. Most fifth-wheel and travel-camping trailers have showers, indoor toilet facilities, separate sleeping areas and even a full, apartment sized kitchen area. Many of these trailers have a generator in the design of the unit and there may even be options for television sets, entertainment units and even wireless internet connections.

Choosing the right camping trailer does require some thought and consideration, as well as some attention to your budget and spending requirements. Both types of trailers are relatively durable and will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Storage for the smaller tent style camping trailers is easier for most people than trying to store the large fifth-wheel trailers and travel trailers. Spend some time looking around or even consider renting some different camping trailers to try out before you decide on the model and brand that is right for you and your family.

About the Author: Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist, with a wide range of interests. To read more about camping trailers, and about camping in general, please visit his web page: Camping Now.


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