How To Sell To A Women Versus A Man


Alexandra Davies

Women and shoes is something that we all know go hand in hand. Nearly every female I know loves her shoes and loves shopping for new ones. Men on the other hand, do not have the same obvious love of shoes, or so we think. As a matter of fact, men are nearly as concerned with the way they look as the ladies, but the just have a different way of showing it. A woman will walk into a store, look around, try some shoes on and end up purchasing if her gut feeling tells her to do it. A male on the other hand uses a very different mindset when shopping for shoes. Most men would walk into the store, look for a pair that he likes, he might try them on, and if he likes them he will buy them.

The biggest difference is the thought process that goes into it. When women shop they usually browse. What this means is that they will try on several pairs and even if they find four or five that they like, they might not buy any, due to the fact that they think there might be something better somewhere else. Shopping for women is like a hobby. They go shopping, just to browse, but not necessarily to buy anything. When men go shopping they go to buy stuff. They do not want to mess around. They go to the shop, find a pair of shoes that they like and buy them, plain and simple.


The reason behind this is that females shop with the right side of their brain. The right side is the artist, the creator and free-thinker. The left side of the brain loves thinking outside the box. The questions they ask themselves whilst shopping is: What dresses do I have that will go with these shoes? In what social gatherings can I use them. How ill these shoes make me feel? All the questions they ask themselves come from the right brain and are all based around what they feel about the shoe and how the shoe will make them feel .

This is the complete opposite to most men, who will shop with their left brain. The right brain is the accountant, the analytical person that likes facts and stuff that works. They like to think inside the box. Common questions a man will ask himself, and typically is this order, whilst shopping for shoes are: Do I like the shoes? Will I wear them? Are they comfortable? How much do they cost? Can you see how a man has a much more analytical approach to the way he shops? There are no how will these shoes make me feel questions. It is all about the facts.

All of us sell something every day. Whether you are a car salesman, chiropractor or an accountant, it does not matter. Every day of our life we are in a situation that requires us to sell either a product or ourselves. So, what you can learn from this? Well, first of all your approach when selling to a woman should be very different to how you approach a man. Say for arguments sake that you are selling shoes, your focus when selling to a female should be telling her how look she looks in those shoes and how versatile the shoes are. When selling to a man on the other hand, all you have to do is first of all make sure he likes the shoes, then tell him they will go both with suit pants and jeans (if they do of course). Then tell him how comfortable they are and give him the price. That is all the information he needs and he will make his judgement based on that.

The bottom line is that it is always good to try and get inside the brain of the person you are selling to. So the next time you are selling to a woman, get inside her right brain, and for a man, his left brain. By doing simple task you will find that you sales will sky rocket.

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