Influence Of The Financial Crisis On The Property And Lettings Market


Mike Gattley

The current lettings market has seen a drastic increase in the amount of persons renting. A key factors behind this will be an increased unemployment percentage and more people these days unable to obtain loans.

Resulting from this development, rents in Great Britain increased though with fairly unfavorable effects for property owners and tenants alike. Property managers are reporting how a large portion of their renters cannot pay rent in time anymore. The economic crisis means more and more people happen to be without work struggling, and improvement not to be likely in the near future.


A number of tenants looking to re-negotiate their rent with their landlord and have a rental reduction, haggling about rental prices happens to be common place in the North East of Great Britain and the South West of the country.

Everywhere in the UK, folks find it difficult to pay their rent on account of those trends on the lettings market. The increasing number of missed rental payments will mean that property owners quite often are unable to pay their home loans anymore. Rather than benefiting the property managers, the increased and subsequently failed rents result in properties being lost with the renter being required to move out.

At present not only are landlords requesting references for renters but a percentage of tenants tend to be requesting references and background checks on property managers. The Association of Letting Agents recommends anybody planning to rent a home or let one out to consult a professional licenced letting adviser to help check the possible search as well as financial assessments that can be done.

The situation varies throughout the country. The more rental returns happen to be causing a few buy to let and investor landlords back to the troubled property market. It will be hoped that a modest improvement in to choose from letting property will balance ever increasing rents. Having said that, a recent survey indicates that as it continues to be incredibly hard to get on the property ladder in Great Britain, increasing numbers of people will be turning to renting which means that there is a considerable lack of letting properties.

One of the implications that property owners happen to be having difficulties as well is actually that costs will be cut wherever achievable, for example in regards to the management of their lettings.

Even though letting agents are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from people trying to find rentals, only about 80% of these applicants end up possible tenants after all check ups have been completed, clearly we have a growing worry regarding suited tenants with many renters having a bad credit score ratings and insufficient money for rents. In addition, housing benefits in the United Kingdom may not be always made use of as intended, renters tend to be making use of the benefits for many other things, because of this they cannot pay rent with the landlord and tenant ultimately both being affected by this.

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