By Jessica Whittaker

The idea of a sprawling bedroom is appealing to some people, but many of us have only a small space to work with. Luckily, with a few interior design tricks, you can maximize the space in your bedroom. Here are 7 quick tips for making your small bedroom look bigger.

Tip 1: Clean, Clean, Clean

When space is at a premium, you don’t want your lovely bedroom furniture to compete with scattered collections of books, shoes, and clothing. Keep your open spaces clear and orderly by using clever ways to hide the clutter. Keep your closet closed. Look for shelves and armoires that can be drawn shut to keep contents out of sight. Table and bed skirts are also great ways to make the room look tidier.

Tip 2: Keep Open Spaces Open

Don’t close off your precious floor space with too-big furniture or too many pieces. Opt for smaller furnishings with clean, simple designs. Modern furniture is a great choice. Chaise loungers and ottomans leave more open space than heavily cushioned couches. Shove your furniture up against the walls to make the most of your space, and always leave a clear walkway through the bedroom.


Tip 3: Lighten Up!

You might have heard that dark colors are slimming. That’s true for interior decorating, too. If you fill your room with dark furniture, dark carpeting, and dark walls, you’ll make it look smaller than it really is. To get the opposite effect, use light-colored neutrals or pastels to open up the room.

Tip 4: Keep it in the Family

The color family, that is. For example, if you’ve decided on a blue color palette for your bedroom, use a variety of pale blue hues that complement each other on your fabrics and upholstery. This will give the room a monochromatic look that’s anything but boring. It will also make the bedroom appear wider and more open.

Tip 5: Match it Up

If you have bedroom furniture, drapes, and sheets all in contrasting colors or busy patterns, you’re breaking up the natural continuity of the bedroom and making it appear fragmented and small. Instead, match the furniture to the walls and the drapes. You don’t have to use the exact same color on everything, but keep the tones similar.

Tip 6: Let There be Light

Nothing brightens up a room like ambient light, be it natural or artificial. Be creative with your use of luminosity. Hang wall sconces and use drop-down ceiling lights that don’t take up floor space. Opt for sheer curtains, and place candle arrangements in front of mirrors for a sense of depth and space.

Tip 7: Bigger is Better

It might seem counterintuitive, but a few quality pieces of large furniture in a small bedroom look less crowded than several smaller pieces. Choose your bedroom furniture with care. Only select pieces that harmonize well with your color scheme, and look for ottomans and tables with hidden storage spaces.

These interior design tips can be put to good use by anyone with a small space they want to enlarge. With a few subtle changes, you’ll soon have an attractive bedroom that’s comfortable enough to relax in – and that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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