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Those who want 24-hour security all year round rely on password security systems. It can be used for residential or commercial purposes as long as it is customized according to their needs. This is all about access control. This means that people can choose to restrict or limit certain areas to a number of individuals who are authorized by means of a password. Other than the use of a password, the authorization of an individual could also be based on electronic devices such as swipe cards.

These can be used for specific rooms if there are too many valuables inside it. There are also times it is used for a specialized room like the security headquarters where a DVR, security camera monitors and other monitoring equipment for the surveillance system will be kept. It can also be used as protection for vaults. Other alarm systems with passwords are used for electronic driveway gates for people inside vehicles to be granted access. There are automatic electronic gates that are very convenient for motorists. The pedestrian gate can also be equipped with one. Other than all of these examples, it is most common to use these password security systems on the main door to the house.


The basic rule in constructing a reliable password is not using any bit of personal information. It would also help not to use real words. There are tools available that can break a code easily if they use words that can be found in the dictionary. Others also input special characters within their passwords. Enforcing passwords may just be what is needed for added security.

The password security systems also have its disadvantages. There are many cases of users forgetting the codes they made. People who have a forgetful nature resort to using basic codes that make them vulnerable. As people know, there are hackers that have studied these systems and there are tools that can provide the needed information to break these codes. For instance, they use birthdates, names of the household members or pets and all those do not provide enough security. Those would still be accessible if the possible intruder is patient enough. In that sense, it would be much like leaving the key under the welcome mat as hackers would easily break the code. There is also a need to change the passwords once in awhile to guarantee that only the authorized people would know about it. There are tendencies of passwords to leak if it stays the same for more than 2 months.

The cost of such security system depends on the range of features it would have. For instance, there are more in-depth systems that have combined security modes of using both a swipe card and a pin number. The alarm system it has would also vary. In the case of high-value properties, the alarms readily inform authorities of a burglary or an intrusion. There are those that can also be easily installed. The ones that can be self-installed are a lot cheaper so people can resort to them if they feel that contractors are charging too much for the installation process.

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