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Phantom Bug Spray distributes the effectiveness and power of an insecticide spray in an easy-to-use container. This handy little spray will rid your home of dozens of unwelcome guests, such as bed bugs, stinkbugs, ants, roaches, and many others.

With Phantom Bug Spray you will treat the cracks and crevices of your dwelling place, which are these pests favorite hiding places, to eventually eradicate them from your home.

Phantom Bug Spray has little or no odor and is very simple to apply, however, be sure to read any and all instructions on the label and follow them explicitly. Normally the application of the spray will last a little over a month, and if you persevere and do it every spring and every fall, it will greatly decrease the amount of bugs that try to invade your precious home.

This product distributes the active ingredient much more effectively than most insecticides because after spraying, it dries into crystals without leaving a visible residue. This makes it last longer than other insecticide sprays because it ‘clings’ to the surface, and to the bug that it was sprayed on.


To prepare the areas for spray, you want to get rid of the clutter to make your inspection and treatment easier. Personal things such as stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and so forth should be removed, washed, and sanitized. If your problem is bed bugs, then you will have to go a bit deeper into the removal and cleaning due to the character of this species of pest.

This removal process is a bit more in detail, and you may have to do things like dismantle your bed frame to find these haunting creatures, as well as turning furniture over and removing drawers to see if they are hiding in these places. Also, if you stand up your bed frame and shine a flashlight on it, it will expose a bed bug hiding place. Phantom Bug Spray is the prime spray recommended for these difficult pests.

This spray will not ‘knock’ the bugs down when sprayed, but it will kill them, it just may take a few days. These pests are exposed to the active ingredient by either ingesting it, or just by bodily contact with it. This amazing product delivers trustworthy performance, and it holds fast to the high-quality standard of the name behind this termination-insecticide.

For indoor and outdoor use, Phantom Bug Spray is excellent to use in cracks and crevices in and around your home, apartment, or business. You may also apply this as a spot treatment where you know pests harbor, nest, trail, hide, and breed.

You want to be sure to spray under the sinks around the drainpipes, baseboards, corners in the home, any visible cracks and crevices, attic vent, air vents, and any entrances around doors and windows. Other places to treat would be behind appliances, furniture, and in your garage. Be sure to treat the entire perimeter outside of these areas as well to keep these unwanted visitors at bay. By following your intuition and the instructions on the label, the bug eradication process will be only a few days away, and your home will once again, be yours.

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