Retirement planning essentials


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Planning for retirement can seem like an overwhelming task. How do you plan for your remaining years and manage your money so that you can retire in comfort? And how do you plan for retirement when life brings us so many unforeseen circumstances such as ups and downs in the market, job changes, family situations and health issues?

Effective Retirement Planning

A good retirement planning professional will help you cover a broad range of topics to make sure your plan is well conceived and tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

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Some of the most important elements in retirement planning include:

Savings No matter how or where you start, having a consistent savings plan is an important part of retirement planning. Your advisor should help you evaluate how to best manage your savings and make suggestions for helping your savings grow over time.

Employer Plans like 401k & Employer Matching Although not every employee has access to full benefits such as 401k and Employer Matching, it can be a great financial tool for those who do. With the benefits of tax deferrals and automatic savings you are more likely to see your balances grow faster than if you rely strictly on self-discipline for setting money aside.

IRAs and SEPs Traditional IRA and SEP accounts can be effective for those who do not enjoy employee benefits as well as many who are self employed. There are a number of great choices in the types of accounts available and these should be carefully reviewed with your retirement planner to find the one best suited for you.

Insurance Your choices in insurance coverage and programs can have a big impact on your retirement goals. Be sure to evaluate your options including whole life, term life or a combination which may best suit your needs.

Investment Management Your overall investment management will play a large part in the retirement planning equation. Investors can choose from stocks, bonds, mutual funds and a whole host of other options to fit any retirement plan or risk tolerance. Retirement plans may also include a managed account where our investment professional will holistically manage your investment portfolio. The advantages of a managed account include a lower fee structure and greater coordination of your financial strategy.

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