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As the seasons change, Reno lawn and landscape adapts to change, as well. Summer is a time for maintenance, as the extreme heat makes it difficult to spend long hours outdoors. Winter is a time for planning for the spring because much of your plants are in a state of dormancy. Fall and spring are the best times of the year, as the weather is much more hospitable to spending hours working outdoors.

When choosing a landscaper, you want someone who has years of experience locally. Climates and plants that thrive in them vary in important ways. What works and grows in Nevada will not necessarily do well in Maine. A qualified landscaper must be acutely aware of local conditions and how they change with the seasons.

Expert Reno lawn and landscape can also increase the resale value of your home. Real estate agents often talk about curb appeal, what your home looks like when someone looks at it from the curb. It is the first and last impressions for prospective home buyers and has been the deciding factor time and again.


The fall season is the key to keeping your lawn looking its best. Aerating and dethatching are important steps to

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. Lawn aerating is done by pulling out small plugs of grass and soil with a machine called a lawn aerator. This allows for air, water, and nutrients to get deep into the soil and feed the grass at the roots. Dethatching is the process of pulling out the layer of interconnected living and dead plant material that develops between the grass and the soil. Thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching to the roots of the grass, and makes the lawn more prone to pest infestations.

Fertilizing your lawn also keeps it looking its best. Fertilizer should be applied in the late fall to encourage winter root growth, and again in the spring if necessary. Well applied fertilizer improves the color of your lawn and increases its thickness. Organic fertilizers with a slow release work best.

Summer is the time for pest and water management. Head off any signs of pest infestation immediately, before they become even more difficult and expensive to fix. Most people water their lawn entirely too often. Excess moisture can actually damage a lawn, allowing for fungus growth and encouraging certain pest. For help with maintaining your lawn, contact a

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professional today.

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