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Palms Springs is known for it’s dynamic outdoor issues to do and intensely stunning sunny weather. The other destination in the world has beautiful crisp blue skies, along with temperatures that could top 75 degrees in the fall as well as winter months. So, what much better way to enjoy this “heaven on earth” weather, and aesthetically beautiful environment, rather than to do it outdoors?

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a good location for site-seeing and personal interaction together with live animals. The park is spread across 1200-acres regarding land, which houses animals which are common to the Palm Springs and desert environments. Such animals consist of giraffes, lions, bobcats, goats, eagles, plus a host of others.

Between my other favorite things you can do, my individual favorite would be to walk through the actual butterfly and hummingbird exhibit. This show consist of 3000 square feet of numerous kinds of butterflies, and dozens of hummingbirds. You are really allowed to feel them, view them, watching them flutter all around you. This can be really a should see show!


Besides the beautiful gardens as well as wildlife trails, the recreation area has a stunning merry-go-round that’s sure to be a hit with your children. The carousel is magnificently crafted to include various creatures like a zebras, lions, jaguars, and warthogs. This particular ride does come with an extra of price of $2.00 per ride, and tickets can be purchased at the admission window with the carousel.

Last but certainly most famously, is among the top things to do inside Palm Springs. Indian Canyons can be a hiking canyon that is listed on the Nationwide Register of Historic Places. It is historically preserved like a protected website of the Cahuilla Indian tribe. You are able to still observe the remnants of Cahuilla tribal existence as it were in ancient background. Such remnants consist of historic hiking trails that lead in order to rock art, stone homes, home pits, and animal shelters built on leading of cliff wall space.

Once you arrive in the downtown Palm Springs area, you might wonder where to park. There are many parking garages available in the immediate area as regular parking is scarce downtown, and even scarcer during VillageFest. You might, however, consider using one of the many taxi services in the area to eliminate the parking issue. My recommendations go to V.I.P Express Taxi. The VillageFest is located on Palm Canyon Drive and runs from Baristo Road all the way to Amado Road.

Once you enter the VillageFest area, you will immediately notice the enticing aromas of many different food vendors. A very large variety is available: roasted corn, Indian cuisine, kettle corn, dried fruits, gyros, homemade fudge, and more.

I consider shopping the main event, and if you enjoy bohemian shopping then you will find VillageFest to be a wonderful atmosphere. Even if bohemian is not your style, you will still find many stands quite enjoyable to peruse. The most common stands are candles, incense and burners, natural stones and gems, jewelry, and various forms of art. Keep in mind that several things aside from those listed above are to be found, but may be less common.

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