By Mike Schlacter

If you have recently been on a diet and lost a lot of weight then you may find that you are left with a lot of skin that has lost its elasticity, if this is the case then you may be considering abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck.

Today more people are having plastic surgery and it seems that we never stop hearing about different celebrities and their latest face lift, breast implant or tummy tuck – however, we don’t all have celebrity budgets and tummy tucks can be quite expensive.

If you have a tummy tuck then it can get rid of all the loose skin that is the result of drastic weight loss, or if you have unsightly stretch marks after pregnancy then you might want to go for a partial tummy tuck, which is a bit cheaper than a full one but still expensive. Unfortunately medical insurance will not pay for this type of procedure because it is regarded as elective surgery, i.e. surgery that you have chosen to have rather than surgery that you need to have.


Do some research and then choose one or two cosmetic surgery clinics either in Dallas or wherever you live and then make an appointment to see a surgeon. Most surgeons will be able to tell you how much the procedure will cost – this may be two to five thousand dollars for a partial tummy tuck and five to ten thousand dollars for a complete tummy tuck. But the costs don’t stop there, these costs are for the procedure itself, if you have a complete tummy tuck then it is highly likely that you will be a hospital in patient for the first two or three days – this means that you have to add this on to the price that the surgeon quotes you, although you may be lucky and find that hospital costs are included with the surgery.

The next thing that you need to consider when working out tummy tuck costs is how much you will lose in salary if you are off work for a couple of weeks or more, once you have done this you will have the real cost of a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is not a minor operation as it involves making an incision that goes from one hip to the other as well as re-positioning the navel, which is why you should allow for a fairly long down time or recovery period.

If you really do need the procedure, and some people who have lost a great deal of weight may feel that a tummy tuck is a real necessity if they are to live a normal, happy life – then you may find that a clinic that has an easy payment plan where you don’t have to come up with the whole cost straight away. If you can’t find a clinic that offers payment terms then you might want to consider applying for a loan to cover the costs of your tummy tuck.

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