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Amgw Agency International Media Planning Firm

AMGW Agency International Media Planning Firm



AMGW Agency is a world-class marketing and communications firm. We always keep the interests of clients and can execute marketing strategies from a local to a global level. We design marketing plans that strictly adhere to budgets. The right marketing strategy helps our clients reach targeted audiences. Thus, we neither believe in overspending or underspending. We select the best media for our clients which will do justice for their product or target market.

We give our clients valuable guidance that helps them get success in their marketing campaigns. AMGW Mediaworks has an extensive buying power and identify the most effective media and marketing strategies for our clients. We pass on this advantage to our clients in order to consistently save them money. This way our clients can utilize resources for other business purposes. The modern world presents a challenging opportunity as preferences change, trends come and go and target audiences evolve. In order to combat the ever evolving market place, we prepare world-class and sound marketing strategies that achieve the desired goals for our clients. We evaluate many factors like station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geography and psychographics that have relevance for the advertiser s particular product or service objective.

International Media Planning

mail services include Print like Newspapers, Magazines, Classifieds, and Advertorials (Paid-for Editorial). International Media Planning also includes Television / Radio, Outdoor Advertising / Displays, E-Marketing, Banner Advertising, Online Digital / Interactive, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), International Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Translation Services.


Our staff at AMGW is proficient at 10 languages besides English. For International Social Media we offer you flawless marketing practices and procedures as we have a phenomenal operations network. We have more than 2 decades of award-winning experience which includes strategic media planning & buying, comprehensive public relations, communications, creative and interactive services. We take great pride in the services we offer our clients and this is the reason why have achieved success for them as well as us.

Our diverse clientele include some of the biggest names in the twenty first century like The Trump Organization, Ritz-Carlton, Rosewood Sense Spa, Starwood, Custo Barcelona, Versace Home, Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, BMW, Maybelline Latin America, Buddha Bar, etc.

Our key working philosophy is simple. We want to provide world-class service and smashing marketing solutions.

Public Relations Division at AMGW creates the most targeted and comprehensive public relations campaigns designed to get the best results for our client s specific business goals and objectives. We understand our client\’s business models and know how to generate media coverage that brings measurable results. We find out important aspects of your product or service that will resonate towards your target market and convey the same effectively to your audience.

On July 14th, AMGW Agency became Miami s largest Media Placement and Public Relations Company for Latin America.

AMGW Agency is an expert in Public Relations, Strategic Media Planning & Buying, Internet Marketing, Creative Services, Brand Licensing, Event Planning, Celebrity Endorsements and more. Through

International Media Planning


International Social Media

, we bring you world-class marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals.agencies for advertising, planning media, buying media, advertising and marketing agencies, public relation companies

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Make Money Online How Twitter Can Help You Make Money

By Stavros Georgiadis

As of July 2010, Twitter is one of the most frequently used online services because it is easy for all people to use. Internet marketers now see the service as one of the most important places do their Internet marketing so they can make money off of their affiliate programs and sites powered by ads.

About Twitter and its Importance for Internet Marketing

Twitter is similar to the other existing social networking sites that focus on bringing friends closer together online. It is mixed with blogging features so users can update other people that are connected to the profile known as followers. The unique feature is the 140 character limitation placing it in the micro-blogging category.


This 140 character limit may seem like a huge drawback when it comes to Internet marketing, but it is just enough for a website address to fit along with a few important keywords. These posts are called tweets and can be posted for public view for all people in the user’s network to see. Search engines can index these tweets as well so Internet marketers can use their search engine optimization tricks as well. The main importance is the fact that millions of users of all ages are using Twitter marketers in any niche should find it worthwhile to advertise there.

Guide to Make Money

Keep in mind that Twitter does not pay you to do anything and that there are no money making components in the service. Like other social networking sites, you are going to use it as a tool to get your affiliate and website links more visible. You will not go very far without a set of followers to back you up so try to work on that before posting a single ad. People may not follow you once they see that you are in Twitter primarily to show ads to them.

Start off by getting your personal friends to follow you on Twitter if you just made your Twitter account recently. You can use any other social networking sites you are in to advertise your new Twitter account so you can get some followers quickly.

Posting ads on Twitter require some creativity since the limit is just 140 characters. It is a must to have a website link on your advertisements at all times so the tweet has potential to drive traffic there. You can either put your affiliate link if it is short or you can put your website if you purchased a domain and it contains the link. You can also use a URL shortening service like TinyURL to trim the link. If you are still unsure on how to post your ad, try to look for other Twitter profiles that have lots of followers and see how they attract their followers.

Lastly, mix your advertisements with ordinary tweets to give your followers the idea that you are courteous. Posting too many ads may result to you losing followers and that will slow your progress since higher numbers of followers may earn you even more once others see your Twitter profile. Other tweets you can post regularly may include updates to your business site or personal updates. Twitter is a micro-blogging service so you can add links to blog entries if you have a blog set up so your blog gets more traffic too. Once your Twitter account has the potential to make money, advertise your Twitter profile on your website to earn more followers.

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Trusted Approaches To Ensure A Great Web Development Task}

Trusted Approaches to Ensure a Great Web Development Task


Louis GilmoreCreating a meaningful and lasting impact on the online visitors, you, as a business owner need a sophisticated digital solution. And for this, you need to hire a proficient team of professionals. Engaging anyone in taking care of your brand is easy but, you must be aware of your security and safety. There are many website development firms you will find in every notch and corner in your area but, how many of them are that much efficient, reliable, and responsible for developing a creative solution. A reputed firm always stays connected with you and your dream. You have to choose an agency that offers highly commercial processes to develop your brand. Here are a few points that give you the perfect guidance about how an efficient agency tackles a project to form creativity. Keep you involved in each stageEvery project is different. You know your business better than anyone. Thus, it is recommended to remain you involved in each stage of a project. A systemic approach is to divide a work in few steps to maintain the perfection. And you must remain you involved in each stage for a better result. Never leave everything on an executive’s decision but, try to understand the total process and give your opinion accordingly. Your involvement is always good for your brand and company. Aware of all the necessary detailsYou must be aware of the necessary details of a project. This awareness helps you find the wrong things in a project. And an innovative team always wants your involvement in every matter and every detail. If you feel anything wrong and not to be applied you must inform them of your decision. Don’t stay silent and raise your opinion. You have a better completion easily. And a reputed and sophisticated service provider always appreciates this quality of you. Security Security is a big issue for any business. You impose some specific rules on your brand. You have some specific features. It is necessary to share each confidential issue of your business to the Website Development Australia, you have hired for your purpose. And a superior company always maintains these issues and gives your brand a great security maintaining everything in a proper manner. ConfidenceMaintaining confidence is another important point. You have a lot of competitors in your field. And you need to maintain the confidence of your brand. And a sincere web designing and development company always tries to maintain the privacy of your business and give you an outstanding feedback. When you hire a responsible Website Design Adelaide you will get all the innovative and exclusive plans that will give you a great designing and development work. Who you are and how you want to develop your brandA good development firm first notices that who you are and how you want to develop your brand. It is quite necessary for a successful outcome. You have a particular type of business and you have a precise idea about how to develop your brand. A creative agency always concentrates on these two issues before making the plan. After knowing you completely, it forms strategic plans to develop your brand.

Louis Gilmore is considered as the best Website Development Australiaas he provides best web designing and development task. If you are finding the most efficient Website Design Adelaide, contact him.

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Pharmaceutical Social Media: Make It Meaningful

Pharmaceutical Social Media: Make It Meaningful


Kevin Waddel

Connect pharmaceutical social media activities to marketing with a meaningful strategy by discussing and sharing information important to those who may or will someday make a purchase. Strategically build brand awareness and trust with a pharmaceutical social media campaign.

That really what it should be about; however, too many marketers in the pharma world are jumping on the pharmaceutical social media bandwagon for all the wrong reasons. A Facebook or Twitter page is created and then used to merely push out promotional content. That\’s a great way to alienate your community or customer prospects. They\’ll tune out instantly.

Pharmaceutical social media is important, yet the industry is lagging in its use. Recent research shows about 85 percent of decision-makers are using it mostly for business not personal reasons. Patients want relevant information both immediately as well as in advance of making a decision on a type of therapy. Typically they\’re commenting on discussions, perhaps reviewing related products or services or reading online forums or content. They\’re in the study phase.

Engaging in


Pharmaceutical Social Media

presents the company with an opportunity to begin building brand awareness and trust. Creating perceptions of trust in the pharma marketing world yields a significant marketing advantage. As a consumer you will most likely choose the brand from a company that shares deep knowledge with you as opposed to one that just delivers product announcements to you. Pharmaceutical social media fills a great need because consumers want to buy your product for the company s perspectives and its values.

Positioning your management as thought leaders via your pharmaceutical social media campaign, you can gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. That difference separates your brand from others, a key objective of any successful marketing campaign.

Other benefits of employing a pharmaceutical social media campaign are that it:

*Attracts specific kinds of customers

*Changes how people think

*Preempts competitive marketing efforts

*Attracts attention beyond simple product or company advertising claims

*Fosters the development of a dialogue among your key constituents

In order to fully deploy a pharmaceutical social media program, you need to have a clearly-defined market position for your product. Share important knowledge freely. Keep your pharmaceutical social media efforts focused on customer relevance, not on pushing products. Remember, they\’re after information that prepares them for a future purchase from a trusted brand. Build trust first.

Earn that trust, stand by your principles and support your point-of-view. Also strategically important is keying on a topic germane to your company or product. Engaging in and embracing open public discussion around your main topic should be at the heart of a pharmaceutical social media campaign.

Kevin Waddel is a free lance writer. To get more information about Public relations, Public Relations New York,

Pharmaceutical Social Media

and Health Public Relations visit

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Erke Shoe Brand Strategy To Actively Implement Tennis

ERKE shoe brand strategy to actively implement Tennis



ERKE shoe brand in the tennis field is always committed to a comprehensive sports apparel, years of sustained development, tennis is not only ERKE maverick, refining market brand strategy, is its advocacy for consumers “young, fashion, sun” lifestyle Air Max 2009 brand appeal. “Throughout the international tennis, tennis and we are pleased to see the vigorous development of the situation, tennis fashion charm of their own health more and more respected by young people. We have every reason to believe that the entire international tennis will have a more substantial of development. “Wu Rong Zhao said.

It is understood that shoe ERKE officially sponsored large-scale tennis tournament began in 2005, based on the domestic tennis event from the mining resources of the wider international tennis, Erke tennis tournament of the hand more and more full. Different approaches with other Discount Nike Shoes brands is ERKE strategic means confined to the tennis tournament or the top-end stars. Characteristics for different groups, covering events sponsored ERKE high-end, mid, low number of levels, both the Shanghai Masters, Madrid Masters tournament this ATP1000 level, but also Doha Tennis Open, Stuttgart Open 500 points this season and even 250 points of the event; and the players, in addition to a wide Luo Lei Buluo more, Sri Lanka is strong in all the other famous one, its the 90’s and after the explosive potential of young players should not be underestimated. In addition, they were young, stylish attitude and never give up career to pursue, and the brand appeal and ERKE happens to coincide.


In recent years, Guangzhou has the advantage of garment industry is gradually reduced in the country can scream your name brand clothing and how much? To lag behind the overall brand building has become an industry consensus Jiangsu, Zhejiang. Is more severe, WTO after the signing of the Chinese garment industry “Dances with Wolves.” Large foreign brands, even the Wholesale Nike Shoes brand only with Ersan Liu huge capital and a LOGO, take advantage of China’s raw materials, human resources, logistics resources and huge market, completed a kind of city layout, and gradually penetrate into secondary cities , foreign brands win situation in China is already taking shape, eating, breathing in the Chinese clothing market.

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