By Stavros Georgiadis

As of July 2010, Twitter is one of the most frequently used online services because it is easy for all people to use. Internet marketers now see the service as one of the most important places do their Internet marketing so they can make money off of their affiliate programs and sites powered by ads.

About Twitter and its Importance for Internet Marketing

Twitter is similar to the other existing social networking sites that focus on bringing friends closer together online. It is mixed with blogging features so users can update other people that are connected to the profile known as followers. The unique feature is the 140 character limitation placing it in the micro-blogging category.


This 140 character limit may seem like a huge drawback when it comes to Internet marketing, but it is just enough for a website address to fit along with a few important keywords. These posts are called tweets and can be posted for public view for all people in the user’s network to see. Search engines can index these tweets as well so Internet marketers can use their search engine optimization tricks as well. The main importance is the fact that millions of users of all ages are using Twitter marketers in any niche should find it worthwhile to advertise there.

Guide to Make Money

Keep in mind that Twitter does not pay you to do anything and that there are no money making components in the service. Like other social networking sites, you are going to use it as a tool to get your affiliate and website links more visible. You will not go very far without a set of followers to back you up so try to work on that before posting a single ad. People may not follow you once they see that you are in Twitter primarily to show ads to them.

Start off by getting your personal friends to follow you on Twitter if you just made your Twitter account recently. You can use any other social networking sites you are in to advertise your new Twitter account so you can get some followers quickly.

Posting ads on Twitter require some creativity since the limit is just 140 characters. It is a must to have a website link on your advertisements at all times so the tweet has potential to drive traffic there. You can either put your affiliate link if it is short or you can put your website if you purchased a domain and it contains the link. You can also use a URL shortening service like TinyURL to trim the link. If you are still unsure on how to post your ad, try to look for other Twitter profiles that have lots of followers and see how they attract their followers.

Lastly, mix your advertisements with ordinary tweets to give your followers the idea that you are courteous. Posting too many ads may result to you losing followers and that will slow your progress since higher numbers of followers may earn you even more once others see your Twitter profile. Other tweets you can post regularly may include updates to your business site or personal updates. Twitter is a micro-blogging service so you can add links to blog entries if you have a blog set up so your blog gets more traffic too. Once your Twitter account has the potential to make money, advertise your Twitter profile on your website to earn more followers.

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