ERKE shoe brand strategy to actively implement Tennis



ERKE shoe brand in the tennis field is always committed to a comprehensive sports apparel, years of sustained development, tennis is not only ERKE maverick, refining market brand strategy, is its advocacy for consumers “young, fashion, sun” lifestyle Air Max 2009 brand appeal. “Throughout the international tennis, tennis and we are pleased to see the vigorous development of the situation, tennis fashion charm of their own health more and more respected by young people. We have every reason to believe that the entire international tennis will have a more substantial of development. “Wu Rong Zhao said.

It is understood that shoe ERKE officially sponsored large-scale tennis tournament began in 2005, based on the domestic tennis event from the mining resources of the wider international tennis, Erke tennis tournament of the hand more and more full. Different approaches with other Discount Nike Shoes brands is ERKE strategic means confined to the tennis tournament or the top-end stars. Characteristics for different groups, covering events sponsored ERKE high-end, mid, low number of levels, both the Shanghai Masters, Madrid Masters tournament this ATP1000 level, but also Doha Tennis Open, Stuttgart Open 500 points this season and even 250 points of the event; and the players, in addition to a wide Luo Lei Buluo more, Sri Lanka is strong in all the other famous one, its the 90’s and after the explosive potential of young players should not be underestimated. In addition, they were young, stylish attitude and never give up career to pursue, and the brand appeal and ERKE happens to coincide.


In recent years, Guangzhou has the advantage of garment industry is gradually reduced in the country can scream your name brand clothing and how much? To lag behind the overall brand building has become an industry consensus Jiangsu, Zhejiang. Is more severe, WTO after the signing of the Chinese garment industry “Dances with Wolves.” Large foreign brands, even the Wholesale Nike Shoes brand only with Ersan Liu huge capital and a LOGO, take advantage of China’s raw materials, human resources, logistics resources and huge market, completed a kind of city layout, and gradually penetrate into secondary cities , foreign brands win situation in China is already taking shape, eating, breathing in the Chinese clothing market.

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