Learn Why Renting Digital Multimeters For Your Trade Is Better Than Purchasing Them



Multimeters are practical and useful devices to measure the voltage of electricity and to test the faults in electrical equipments. Also known as VOM, an acronym for Volt, Ohm Meter , it is an electronic, measuring equipment that combines various functions of measurements into one single device.

All over the world, including Australia a number of professions related to engineering and electronic industries require multimeter test & measurement instruments. Today the industrial and trade sectors are actively renting multimeters not only in the cities of mainland Australia such as Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, and also digital multi meter hire is becoming a preferred option across the remote smaller island towns of Australia as well.

Benchtop multimeter rental companies in Australia can provide you short term hire facilities for both the analog multimeters, or the AMM, and the digital multimeters, also known as the DMM. Your hired digital multimeters will display all measurements in numbers the screens, unlike the analog ones which use a needle and a dial.

Who All Can Benefit From Hiring Multimeters?

Besides engineering and electronic equipment industries there are several areas that can benefit equally well by renting multimeters. For example fitters, turners, machinists, the small scale trades and services like air conditioning, refrigeration, building-maintenance and handyperson services.


The services of multimeters rental firms are also sought after by the heavy machinery industries and corporations such as education, power, water, gas, telecommunications, broadband services, various goods manufacturing units, security and surveillance industry, engineering consultancies and the many engineering colleges and universities.

Advantages Of Renting Multimeters

Rent for your work requirements: For example, you can hire low cost multimeters which test for only current, voltage and resistance, or you can hire multimeters that have advanced functions such as capacitance measurement, or which can give you inductance values.

Expert, free technical guidance: You need to have a good knowledge of electronics to pick out the multimeters that meet your work requirements. If you have that information, well and good, other wise the technical experts of any quality multimeters rental company will be there to help you select the right model.

Get calibrated multimeter equipments: Calibrating a multimeter takes time; when you go for a digital multimeters hire, your rental service providers will give you only calibrated and tested equipments. This saves a lot of your time and money as you may have to spend extra money for the calibration if you purchase your equipments.

Economy of renting: Buying one or two multimeters for personal household usage may be fine, but when it comes to a bulk quantity for your industry or trade, renting bench multimeters only is a cost-saving and economically viable practice.

Quick service all over Australia: Whichever part of Australia you may be located; your multimeter rental firm will take the responsibility of a quick and timely delivery at your place of work.

Get the latest equipment to use all the time: You can not exchange your old equipment for a new one, once you have purchased it. But renting digital multimeters protects you against obsolescence of technology. You can always ask your multimeter rental service providers to exchange your existing device with the new and latest ones.

Avoid all inconvenience of repair and maintenance: Get free maintenance services for your rented digital multimeters and avoid any delays in important projects and schedules. If you buy your multimeters you will have to pay a separate annual maintenance fee.

Hiring multimeters, for short-term work schedules and projects can be especially beneficial to your business. You may also gain from renting a variety of other test and measurement equipments at a discounted rate for other testing functions of your trade. These and many more are the ways when you rent multimeters from a quality test equipment rentals service in Australia. Surf the net and contact one for more details on your requirements, today.

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